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Future Mayhem

06 Oct 2013

Future Mayhem game review

Future Mayhem is a fantastic arcade style side scrolling shooter for Android devices.

In Future Mayhem, you are transported into the distant future, specifically to the year 2842. In that time period, large cities are controlled by powerful organized crime groups, which control the huge metropolitan areas from the relative security of their massive underground bases.

You do not play the hero; that would be too predictable! Instead, you are the main enforcer of one of the powerful gangs, and you have to settle a conflict.

Future Mayhem::By Dancing Cat Development Future Mayhem::By Dancing Cat Development Future Mayhem::By Dancing Cat Development Future Mayhem::By Dancing Cat Development

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See, the other gangs are disrupting the operations of your gang, which cannot be allowed to happen. As a result, you are tasked with the responsibility of taking care of the problem for once and for all.

This is the compelling storyline that you are immersed in when you play Future Mayhem. Fortunately, the gameplay is just as good as the story itself, as you will find yourself moving around the detailed, futuristic levels and blasting away enemies with powerful weaponry.

Your touchscreen device becomes a controller as the bottom left of the screen is used as a directional pad and the bottom right gives you three small, but accessible buttons that provide access to your small gun, large gun, and grenades, as well as melee attacks.

The controls work great, as the touchscreen responds beautiful to quick button presses for firing weapons as well as to long, pressing movements and subtle changes of direction on the makeshift directional pad.

This allows you to focus on fighting the multiple onscreen enemies rather than fighting the control system, which is good. Furthermore, the game offers three difficulty settings to appeal to any level of player, whether you are new to these types of games and just want to play for fun, or whether you are an experienced gamer and what a big challenge.

The campaign and levels are satisfyingly large and allow you to use the intuitive gameplay and controls to dominate the opposition's forces. This game features a lot of choices so that you can enjoy the game the way that you want to on your own terms.

Besides the difficulty levels, you can also choose to be an operative for any of the game's four distinctive gangs (Punks, Ninjas, Cyborgs, and Soldiers). Furthermore, as you beat up enemies and conquer levels you will earn credits to use to buy new weapons to give you an edge against the more difficult enemies yet to come.

Future Mayhem packs the production values of a mainstream console game into your small Android device, as you will have amazing music to fuel you through the challenge of each levels. Also, the weapons and enemies are randomized to ensure that you get a different experience every time you play.

With all of the options available, along with the great story and immersive environments, Future Mayhem is a very impressive Android game. With responsive controls and addictive gameplay, you will be sure to have a great time visiting the future and destroying your foes in Future Mayhem!

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