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Galactic Invasion

04 May 2013

Galactic Invasion game review

You’re on solo deep space patrol in the Zeta quadrant when you encounter the first lone scout of a galactic invasion force.

Backup is light years away and only you stand between this invading menace and the destruction of the galaxy. Inspired by arcade legends Space Invaders and Galaga, Galactic Invasion brings a classic arcade experience to the Android platform.

In Galactic Invasion you control a futuristic space fighter, facing wave after wave of enemy invaders. The invasion begins slowly as you encounter solo scout fighters and small sorties.

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Galactic Invasion screenshots

But the challenge quickly and continually escalates as you progress through the enemy armada which is bent on galactic conquest. Enemy forces are comprised of 10 different ship types, each with their own unique attack patterns and behaviours.

As you advance through 20 challenging levels (only 15 levels are available in the free version) the number and types of enemy ships you face continue to increase resulting in a progressively challenging classic arcade experience.

Each level culminates in an encounter with a single or multiple “boss” or “mini-boss” ships which are usually supported by additional attack squadrons. A couple of challenging and unique AI game mechanics are implemented in the later, more difficult levels.

The first of these is a concept of “key” enemies. These enemies are usually ships with thicker armour (usually “boss” and “mini-boss” ships) and are supported by a continually replenishing squadron of support ships.

Supports sorties continue to spawn until the “key” enemy (or enemies) are destroyed. The second enemy fleet game mechanic provides an even greater challenge. In more difficult levels a squadron of enemy fighters will continually spawn until you successfully reduce their active numbers to a specific threshold.

In these instances you may find it necessary to damage several ships but leave those limping along so you can quickly destroy several ships at once before new ones can spawn. As enemy ships are destroyed they may drop alien technology components vital to your survival.

These enemy drops can be picked up to repair ship damage, install additional laser turrets or increase the automatic fire rate. Drop types and drop rates vary for each type of enemy ship. Keep an eye out for enemy supply ships which are usually carrying whatever it is you need most.

Galactic Invasion features two separate game control systems which provide a unique and customized experience for either phone or tablet devices. The tilt based control mode leverages the accelerometer to allow the player to steer their fighter ship by simply tilting the device.

Simply tap anywhere on the screen to fire. This option supports complete one-handed control of the game and is the preferred control mode for game play on phones. The on-screen game control system is more suited for tablets and features a virtual joystick and fire button to provide a real classic arcade feel.

Both game control modes support right or left handed players. This app also includes a multitude of options to customize the individual game play experience. Game difficulty can be varied by controlling the health and speed of the invading forces or by limiting or extending the number of additional ships available to you when you die.

The paid version of the app allows new games to be started at any level previously reached during game play. Various player control options are available to tailor to your preferences. Graphics, animations, sound and music settings can be tweaked to alleviate any performance issues which may be experienced on older or less capable devices.

The latest update to this great game title includes a substantial graphics overhaul which brings a new level of depth and character to the game. The richly detailed graphics include improvements to all ship models, more realistic explosion graphics, and various new animations.

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