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Gin Rummy - Net Gin Free

04 Apr 2014

Gin Rummy - Net Gin Free game review

Monaco is my dream vacation.

Not only because they have Formula 1 races, beautiful women, great hotels and awesome weather. They also have the best, most luxurious casinos you have ever seen. Marble floors, chandeliers, champagne and billionaires, that’s what a real casino is made of, with none of that neon sign nonsense we see in Vegas. Monaco is classy on a whole other level.

Now you may be thinking ‘Monaco is just way too expensive for me!’ I’m happy to inform you that, with apps like Net Gin Free, even Las Vegas isn’t worth it any more. The casino is now in your pocket.

Gin Rummy - Net Gin Free::By ePoint Mobile Gin Rummy - Net Gin Free::By ePoint Mobile Gin Rummy - Net Gin Free::By ePoint Mobile Gin Rummy - Net Gin Free::By ePoint Mobile Gin Rummy - Net Gin Free::By ePoint Mobile Gin Rummy - Net Gin Free::By ePoint Mobile Gin Rummy - Net Gin Free::By ePoint Mobile Gin Rummy - Net Gin Free::By ePoint Mobile

Gin Rummy - Net Gin Free screenshots

Net Gin Free is one of an endless stream of card games for Android, available for free at the Play Store. If you’ve ever played Gin Rummy, you don’t need any explanations as it is exactly the same as the real thing (except maybe with less booze).

If you haven’t tried this college classic before, you’ll find a full guide on how to play it within the app. So go ahead and download the app now. Select one of the several game options: local game, local tournament, Bluetooth, LAN or internet game.

If you choose one of the ‘local’ options, you’ll be playing against the computer. You also have the option of changing your player name and avatar, the amount of matches you would like, whether you’d like to get hints during the game and even the sound effects.

As you win games, you’ll receive trophies and achievements, which can be found under the Statistics option, where you can also view your previous scores. Finally, rate the game online for extra wallpapers or share scores on Facebook.

This is the perfect type of game for several different kinds of people and situations. If you’re alone and bored on a rainy Sunday afternoon, use the local tournament option to occupy yourself for hours on end, as you navigate through more and more challenging levels.

If you’re in school (during the break, of course), challenge your friends using the Bluetooth option. At a party, use the Bluetooth option to make it the main event of the night and add alcohol for challenge (and fun!).

Whether you’re older, younger, thinner, fatter, in love with card games, hater of card games but lover of booze or games where one must strip off items of clothing, you’re bound to find the perfect location, companions and strategies to make this game a constant throughout the day (month, year, century!).

So don’t wait any longer!! Go ahead and download the app, learn it for the first time for free then impress your friends when you beat them all and take their money/make them drunk/get them naked; improve your skills until your earn all achievements, trophies and appear on general scoreboards; use it as a family activity where everyone but the parrot can join in (although it will probably indirectly train him to yell ‘GIN!!’ at random), and many, many more options.

Give it a go and enjoy the hours of fun!

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Download Gin Rummy - Net Gin Free from Android market

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