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Glass Tower 3+

14 Nov 2013

Glass Tower 3+ game review

In Glass Tower 3+, your goal is to break all of the game's blue blocks while preserving as many red blocks as you can.

This is difficult because the blocks are stacked on one another, and breaking some can lead to others falling and cracking realistically. You want to achieve the highest score that you can, and broke blue blocks add to your score, while broken red blocks subtract from it.

Furthermore, ever broken red block subtracts a “life” from you.

Glass Tower 3+::By Gadgetcrafts Glass Tower 3+::By Gadgetcrafts Glass Tower 3+::By Gadgetcrafts Glass Tower 3+::By Gadgetcrafts Glass Tower 3+::By Gadgetcrafts Glass Tower 3+::By Gadgetcrafts Glass Tower 3+::By Gadgetcrafts

Glass Tower 3+ screenshots

Other blocks are introduced later to the game to add more strategy and fun, including black blocks, which are indestructible, and metal blocks, which are also indestructible and connected via a chain. Another block type which shows up and adds to your strategic choices is the green block.

When you tap it, it automatically changes to either a blue or a red block. Finally, striped blocks hide random types of blocks within their shape. Other blocks can contain bonuses, including extra lives, color mixes that change the colors of remaining blocks, score doubling bonuses, and random bonuses, among others.

As you play, the game's relaxing, almost futuristic music provides an ambient effect without becoming annoying or taking your mind off of what you are doing. Similarly futuristic, soothing voices congratulate you when you accomplish a perfect game or a new high score on a level.

The block breaking sound effects are very realistic and add a lot to the presentation, too. The game's physics are right on, and that really adds to the gameplay, as blocks fall naturally as they should, even after colliding with one another in weird combinations or in an unpredictable manner.

The in-game help menu is very useful for learning the game's addictive mechanics so that you can be a good player right off the bat and have fun doing so. Glass Tower 3+ has a helpful options menu that allows you to customize the game to your choosing in many ways.

For instance, you can select random backgrounds or choose whether to enjoy the game's ambient music and sound effects. There is a level editor where you can create your own masterpieces for other players (and yourself) to enjoy.

Furthermore, you will never run out of new levels to play since you can always download and play other user created levels, too. This feature really makes for literally endless enjoyment of Glass Tower 3+'s great game mechanics.

You can connect with Open Feint in order to unlock achievements, see your position on the game's leaderboards, and more. This adds a fun social element to the proceedings and keeps you going back to unlock all of the stars on the game's levels, which is a fun and diverting challenge to undertake.

Glass Tower 3+ is a very fun, addictive game that can be learned in seconds and enjoyed instantly. It starts off very simple to allow players to have a good time, and gets challenging later on without becoming frustrating.

It's a must download game for those who enjoy puzzles or who just want some quick enjoyment on the go.

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