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05 Feb 2014

Glyph game review

Glyph, a puzzle game that is similar to Popcap’s Alchemy, is a quick, fun and addictively engaging game that can keep you fully entertained for hours.

The game challenges your mental creativity and capacity to form a variety of shape and color combinations. Essentially, what you have to do is clear every spot on the grid by putting a glyph that should match the shape and color of those surrounding it.

Once you get the gist of the game, it becomes addictive in a unique way. It’s easy to lose yourself in the game for hours and not notice time passing by quickly. Puzzle lovers will definitely adore this game.

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This type of puzzle game has been popularized by its use of an Egyptian hieroglyph, which is a Western astrological symbol. Now coined as “glyph,” the symbol is used in various puzzle games of this genre.

Glyph is the kind of game that you would enjoy playing when you have hours of spare time. It’s fun and challenging to try to figure out which choices work best in order to clear the spots on the grid. To start the game, you have to pick a spot on the grid where you want to place the colorful glyph that appears at the left side, above the Egyptian image.

And from there, you keep on placing the glyphs until you clear all spots. If you get stuck, and you don’t know which spot to place the glyph on, you can tap the magnifying glass to see hints of the right places that fit the glyph.

You can also press the flame to get rid of the glyph. This helps you use another glyph and advance in the game. Playing this puzzle game is addictive since you can arrange the glyphs quickly to destroy the grid square spots.

The challenging part is deciding where you should put the glyphs so you can level up. When you place the glyphs appropriately, the grid spots will be destroyed either horizontally or vertically. Once all of the spots are cleared, you can then advance to the next level.

As you reach a higher level, more colors and shapes appear, and the game gets tougher and more exciting. Thought-provoking levels can keep even the smartest players well entertained. A total of 144 glyph combinations can be unveiled throughout the game.

The graphics are vibrant and colorful. The app’s interface is inspired by an Egyptian setting. You’ll find mysterious ancient symbols and an Egyptian image on the background. The music also reflects the mood of the game with its captivating, rhythmic beat.

You’ll enjoy listening to the upbeat instrumental music as you immerse yourself in the game. Glyph is definitely an enchanting and challenging game that makes a wonderful pastime for anyone who has free time to spare.

Not only puzzle lovers will get enthralled by this game, even those new to the puzzle genre will surely get addicted to it.

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