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Gold Miner Rescue Featured

08 Jun 2016

Gold Miner Rescue

Gold Miner Rescue is one of the most exciting games for smartphones and tablets. It comes from the house of Kurius Games (developer of famous Tractor Crew and Traktor Digger) in free as well as Pro version. The paid version is free of ads and no excessive permissions are required to play it.

The game is simple to understand and simple to play too. A gold miner gets stuck underground and seeks assistance of the mobile user.

Gold Miner Rescue::By Kurius Games Gold Miner Rescue Game::By Kurius Games

Gold Miner Rescue Game Screenshots

A recent movie titled The 33 seems to be the inspiration for the game in which the main aim is to help a miner locate gold and also to dig a path through which he can come to the surface ground to the earliest.

Gold Miner Rescue offers several mechanics to play with. It is up to the gamer to dig hole and try to rescue the miner. However, it is here to understand the miner may have hard time reaching surface ground if clever method is not implemented while creating tunnels.

The game runs smooth on mobile devices and pace of it depends on the player. The gameplay is basic, but becomes more interesting at later levels. It is perfect for younger and casual players.


Simple and fun-filled gameplay

Perfect for players who look for something easy to get into

Straightforward and simple controls

Gameplay becomes challenging at later stages


Graphics look basic

Lots of gold is required for getting TNT and Ladders


Gold Miner Rescue seems to be very simple game and players do not need much to get into. However, it is not easy at later stages. Players to face challenges thereafter to spend some more quality time with it. The game is undoubtedly easy and fun to play. It is definitely a relaxing title.


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Download Gold Miner Rescue from Android Market for free