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Gravity Guy

11 Oct 2013

Gravity Guy game review

Semi-Secret Software’s Canabalt has made the “endless running” game genre incredibly popular, and hot on its heels (if you’ll excuse the weak pun) comes Miniclip’s Gravity Guy.

The guy in question has recently broken out of prison and is on the run, pursued tirelessly by a prison guard that looks a bit like a Star Wars style stormtrooper.

Gravity Guy has one neat advantage – you can manipulate gravity to your advantage to help you in your mission.

Gravity Guy::by Miniclip Games Gravity Guy::by Miniclip Games Gravity Guy::by Miniclip Games Gravity Guy::by Miniclip Games Gravity Guy::by Miniclip Games

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The guard is ever after our hero, just waiting for him to falter or hesitate for a millisecond so he can zap him into kingdom come. Gravity Guy has no jump function to help, though, instead there’s a great trick which enables him to flip gravity upside down so he can run along ceilings to avoid gaps and pits on the floor. You’re in the guise of this strange gnome who zooms around platforms, and as soon as you see a hole in your way, you tap the screen and “bang”, you’re running on the ceiling.

Gravity Guy runs from right to left automatically, and the guard droid will always be right after him, so any hesitation or wrong turn is lethal. You only have the gravity-flipping ability at your disposal, so you’ll have to have perfect timing and enough momentum to make it across larger gaps, as well as split-second timing and quick reflexes to switch between sequences of smaller gaps on both floors and ceilings. Phew.

Thankfully, there are lots of save points, which save your sanity as well as your game, as I took at least five tries to make it through each level. You also have unlimited lives, which is very kind of the developers. They have also given you a lot of power-ups, like shields and a very useful slow-mo mode that helps you get through especially fiddly areas. This game makes you rely heavily on lightning reflexes and fast decisions, as the smallest hesitation will send you plummeting to your doom or stall you long enough for the droid to get you with his laser.

This game is seriously addictive, and I’ve been playing it every chance I get and I’m not bored yet. Sometimes, though, I get anxious when I can’t level up due to a tricky area. It’s at times like this that I have to stop for a few minutes to get over it and start again, and again.....and again....grr!

It’s the certainty that “This time I’ll crack it” that keeps me coming back to this game. It’s unusual for me to get as obsessive as this, but Gravity Guy really has me hooked.

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