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Hamster Chase

20 Dec 2013

Hamster Chase game review

Hamster Chase is the story of four cute cartoon hamsters in their hamster balls trying to make their way home while avoiding the evil cat Sour Puss.

Players help the hamster get home by using the accelerometer to guide the hamster balls around obstacles and onto seed piles where hamsters enjoy their favorite meals.

These obstacles include holes, flying balls, spinning tops, vacuums, moving barracades, and Sour Puss himself trying to pounce on the little hammys.

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Players advance one level at a time, and there are one hundred levels in all. With each level that brings new obstacles, there is a visual tutorial of what the obstacle does and how to avoid it. If a player gets stuck in a level, they may skip it by spending three coins.

To earn coins, a player completes levels in record times; earning anywhere from one to three coins per level depending on how well they did. If a player doesn't beat the best time, they may play the level over again at any time by tapping on the pause button, and then tapping "Level Select. " Players can also purchase a hundred coins for just ninety nine cents from the main menu screen by tapping on "Extras" and then "Get Coins. "During the game, a player can tap on a hamster at any time for a random chance that they will tell a joke.

After they tell it, they will laugh, and other hamsters will also laugh if they liked it. Players can control the game experience by pausing the game and then going to the options menu to control music volume, sound effect volume and tilt sensitivity.

If they have multiple devices, they can enable iCloud integration and synchronize their progress to all of them. Hamster Chase has many features beyond just the regular game that players can enjoy. For example, they can tap "Extras" from the main menu, and then "Hammy Play. " This will take them to the virtual hamster cage where they can play with the hamsters for hours of fun!

From the "Extras" menu they can also refer friends on Facebook or Twitter to Hamster Chase or e-mail the developers to ask for new features. Another big feature of Hamster Chase is that players can create their own levels and share them online with everyone!

By tapping the "Go Online" button from the main menu, a player can browse newly created levels that other players made, and play any one of them just by tapping. They can also tap on the "Build" button and begin making their own level by using their finger to "paint" the roads and obstacles.

After testing to verify it's beatable, they can then upload it for everyone to get so long as they have an Internet connection. Tens of thousands of satisfied players have already downloaded Hamster Chase, which now holds a 4. 9 rating on Google Play and over a 4. 5 rating on the App Store.

Join the fun and help the hammys make their way home!

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