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Hanuman Game

04 May 2013

Hanuman Game game review

Hanuman Mission Sanjeevani is based on Indian mythological character of Hanuman a monkey god.

Hanuman is supposed to be a strong warrior who is pure at heart and is a devote of Rama. Hanuman helps Rama in the war of Lanka to secure release of Sita from the clutches of the evil Rakshasa called Ravana. In the war of Lanka, Rama’s brother Lakshmana is grievously injured.

The physicians advise Rama that only Sanjeevini herb in Himalayas can save Lakshmana. Hanuman is summoned by Rama to help save his brother Lakshmana by bringing the herbs from Himalayas.

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Hanuman flies on this mission to get the sanjeevini herb from Himalayas and in the process goes across different pilgrimage places in India namely Rameshwaran, Madurai, Trissur, Kanchi, Bhadrachalam, Sringeri, Mahabaleshwar, Puri, Kolkota, Somnath,Pushkar, Varanasi, Hrishikesh and Sanjeevini.

In this game the player is required to help Hanuman fly to Himalayas in search of Sanjeevini. The player has two key handles namely control button and action button to help control the movement. The game controls are simple and are placed on the left and right hand side of the screen.

Control Button (Left): The left hand side is the control button and you can control the up and down motion of hanuman, while the horizontal speed is determined by the location in the game. You can use this control to avoid the enemies and to collect coins.

Action Button (Right): The right hand control is the action control and you can use that to make hanuman hit the enemies using his mace. You can use the action to hit enemy on the head when its close enough and kill them.

Enemies: There is a lot of variety with each level posing a different difficulty. The enemies consist of Bats, Bees, Dragons etc and Shurikens that you would have to look out for. If the enemy touches Hanuman, Hanuman loses power.

After a minimum number of time you would lose complete power and you would lose that level and will have to start playing the level again. Collectibles: There are multiple different collectibles in each level and you would have to guide hanuman to collect these collectibles and you should collect as many collectibles as possiblePause Function: There is no pause function in the game and once you start a level you have to complete it and it is easy.

Level Completion: When you clear a lower level the next level will be automatically be enabled. You will also have access to all the lower levels once you complete a level. So once you reach all levels you can come back and play any of the levels again.

The game also has cool music and playback to make the game play entertaining and fun.

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