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Happy Chick Adventures

26 Dec 2013

Happy Chick Adventures game review

Happy Chick Adventures is a classic left to right Platform game designed to cater for all ages.

The overall strategy, design and crisp graphics will most certainly appeal to children & adults. The primary focus is on sheer ‘playability’ and not to too much by way of story lines providing an arcade style, much like the old classics.

The scenario for the first world is set in an Arctic environment providing snow, ice and water hazards and including a cute array of enemies ranging from animated penguins to snowball throwing polar bears and slippery artic snakes to frozen bees.

Happy Chick Adventures::By Funich Productions Happy Chick Adventures::By Funich Productions Happy Chick Adventures::By Funich Productions Happy Chick Adventures::By Funich Productions Happy Chick Adventures::By Funich Productions

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Happy Chick will also embark on two additional worlds, soon to be released which consist of a Hillside world and a Desert world. In the new worlds Happy Chick has a new outfit suited to the theme of the each world.

The idea behind Happy Chick Adventures is to try and complete each level whilst encountering and overcoming many challenging obstacles, such as: moving platforms, falling platforms, springs, super charged cannons, and many more, fully utilising the in game physics.

Hidden within each level are 3 special golden eggs to provide additional challenge to the game, this is tracked on the title screen. The control options consist of both Joy pad and Buttons to ensure ease of use.

The controls themselves are simple using only left, right & jump buttons. Everything a true platform game needs. The level design has utilised the first 2 levels to act as a ‘tutorial’ to re-educate players and there on after the levels get progressively harder.

Within some of the harder levels checkpoints are built in to ensure that progress can be resumed in case you lose a life, preventing you from having to complete the whole level again. Included in this version are 9 jam packed levels which will test your reaction skills and to finish this Artic world off a boss will be awaiting your arrival at level 10.

The boss is a huge evil snowman which attempts to prevent you from completing this world by rolling snowballs towards you at different speeds. As if this wasn’t enough additional obstacles will be in your way to ensure this is a worthy challenge.

The menu design is cutting edge and provides a modern feel to an old-school genre, with the crisp / attractive graphics and interactive title screen really puts this Genre back into the 21st century. Included are several menu options to mute sounds effects and music.

This is an ideal game to pick up and put down and is guaranteed to keep you entertained. Additional features built into the games infrastructure is a scoring mechanism that accumulates points as you crush enemies and collect coins throughout each level.

For every thousand points gained an extra life will be awarded helping you to progress through the game. Happy Chick is capable of taking 1 hit without dying or losing a live and with additional hearts populated throughout the world to keep you going.

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