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Heavy Truck Speed Racing

19 May 2014

Heavy Truck Speed Racing game review

If you are looking for a Heavy Truck Racing app, then you are in the right place. Heavy Truck Speed Racing App will give the best of sensations you need in a racing game.

So please beware that this app will keep you busy till your battery drains out. Just to provide you more insight Heavy Truck Speed Racing App was developed by Gamayun Productions, who are the gurus of racing apps.

They have around 10 racing apps in android Googleplay, which itself tells their base skills is “Racing”. Highly experienced and skilled team has put on their brains together, brought in all the lessons learnt and feedbacks from the earlier apps to give us this super special, obsessive Heavy Truck Speed Racing App.

HeavyTruckSpeedRacing::By Gamayun productions HeavyTruckSpeedRacing::By Gamayun productions HeavyTruckSpeedRacing::By Gamayun productions HeavyTruckSpeedRacing::By Gamayun productions

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The biggest bonus of Heavy Truck Speed Racing App is its simplicity- “Anyone can play this app. My 4 years old daughter keeps playing Heavy Truck Speed Racing App from the moment I reach home. Heavy Truck Speed Racing App concentrates highly on your racing skills giving it a real feel of driving heavy trucks. The developers have taken care of it by making this app zero complex, minimal configuration, simple contour and far out amusement.

Heavy Truck Speed Racing App is “Everyone’s App”. It makes racing simple by providing us with just 5 controls; 3 on the left and 2 on your right. On the left we have the “Turn Right”, “Turn Left” and Start Controls, with “Brake” and “Accelerator” functions on the right as in your truck.

Press on the accelerator to lead off your race where competition is with time and 6 other trucks. You have to run your truck on 3 tracks, one after the other, only on successfully completion of the third track will generate your best score. Use the left and right arrow buttons to sway towards corresponding directions depending on the track. Do remember to decelerate by releasing the accelerator pedal while moving through the bend, twist and curls of the tracks.

Though you don’t get any benefits from bumping against any trucks, but bumping is an eternal part of any racing; keep your brakes handy. Your authority on the 4 controls will dictate your plan to complete the 3 tracks in the best recorded time. How simple would you expect you game to be? My golden hint: Never Drive superfast as Trucks always sways with high speed.

One more thing which makes Heavy Truck Speed Racing (HTSR) App superior than its competitor is its graphical display. It never strikes your eyes or distracts you and enables you to concentrate on objective. Because of it this feature, even kids can play Heavy Truck Speed Racing App for hours without any issues.

The background music boosts up energy levels, keep me moving forward. The sound of acceleration, deceleration and brakes doesn’t have any artificial flavors in it. They are very soothing and pleasant for users on any age.

Though developers of Heavy Truck Speed Racing App have kept this app simple, but in meantime allow competition with other top-notch racing geeks using their World Score link. I always improve my score and follow the link to world score to post it there.

Heavy Truck Speed Racing App is one of its kinds in Googleplay store. So guys what are you waiting for? Download the app, compete and post your best score.

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