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Helidroid 3B : 3D RC Copter

11 Oct 2014

Helidroid 3B : 3D RC Copter

Want to be the best pilot of your own? Navigate and control your own chopper? Try now the new Helidroid 3 part 2, with 18 all new levels and much better improve graphics and best quality of sound and music. It is now in 3 dimensional modes to offer you the best quality of gaming. Take the control of 4 little RC Helicopters in a whole house with enclosure and swimming pool.



Helidroid 3B : 3D RC Copter::By MH Production Helidroid 3B : 3D RC Copter::By MH Production Helidroid 3B : 3D RC Copter::By MH Production Helidroid 3B : 3D RC Copter::By MH Production Helidroid 3B : 3D RC Copter::By MH Production

Helidroid 3B : 3D RC Copter Screenshots

Perform a considerable measure of mixture of missions to turn into a genuine pilot. Control a "RC Fire" helicopter to take some water from the swimming pool and smother the flames. Utilize the "RC Skylift" helicopter to move objects with an electromagnet. Alternately pick the "RC Apache" and the "RC Comanche" helicopter to flame rockets and fight.

The game missions are really amazing and fascinating. It’s like you are riding your own helicopter and managing it in your own way. Some of its missions includes: get an auto at full speed before it falls into the pool, explode all the inflatables, chase the feathered creatures that are brought into your home, find your keys oblivious with a searchlight (under your copter), take some water in the shower and go quench the candles, use the magnet introduce in the helicopter to empty a holder ship, fight and demolish an alternate RC-Copter, before it goes down you, landing on a moving boat, come to the salvage of a train ablaze, cross all the rings in movement, as quick as would be prudent. Other mission may also include finding the secret room to unlock new mission.

This game also has a feature in which it will let you interact with all the objects in the game. Interesting isn’t it? It has a lot of different features in the game that ought to know when you play this game. This will really cover up your boredom and boring time. This game requires focus and balance, so your brain and intellect will be trained by this game. See, you are not just making fun and enjoy but you are also learning.

Other features includes: Control the chopper with a joystick or the gyro/ accelerometer sensor, 2 sorts of joystick: "Easy control", utilized as a part of Helidroid 1 and 2 and "Real Control", utilized within the recreations like Battlefield, 4 copters : 1 blaze copter (canadair copter) , 1 vehicle copter, and 2 battle copters, Real 3d material science like a pilot training program or a plane reenactment, use Accelerometer sensor if the gadget does not have a Gyro sensor.

This game is totally free. You don’t have to spend a dime to enjoy playing. You can find this much improve app on “Play store”. Get your newest version of Helidroid now and enjoy the best features that this game will offer you. You will never ever regret on playing this.


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