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Hello Kitty Coffee

12 Mar 2014

Hello Kitty Coffee game review

Hello Kitty Coffee is a fun coffee shop and bakery game that includes the adorable Hello Kitty characters to maximize the fun.

In this game, you want to have the best coffee shop and bakery possible so that you can improve your facilities and satisfy your growing number of customers.

The adorable, vibrant design includes lots of bright pastel colors and plenty of happy customers milling about that will always bring a smile to your face.

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The delightful music only works to complete the effect, and this game will put you in a good mood whenever you play it. In the coffee shop, you make coffee and other drinks as well as baked goods for your customers to enjoy.

At first, you start off making basic coffee and cheesecake, but as you earn experience you can learn other recipes, such as juices and cookies. You easily use the user-friendly touchscreen interface to select the object (such as the coffee pot) you need and then choose to either insta-cook the item or let it take its time being prepared.

Then, the customers enjoy your offering and you earn money. You will want to expand your cafe and you can do so while also customizing your cafe's look with new paint jobs and designs. You can add other offerings, such as vendors (an earring shop was one choice) to give your customers more ways to spend their hard-earned cash, too.

Best of all, your cafe continues to earn money and sell dishes and drinks while you're away and not playing! The game's helpful tutorial ensures that you get off on the right foot and know how to run your cafe properly.

Before you know it, you will be hiring cooks and waitresses, customizing them with new outfits, and even winning pets to liven up your cafe even more! You can earn other rewards too, which display in a collection for you to enjoy again and again.

Many mobile games allow you to connect with friends, and Hello Kitty Coffee is no different. You can actually visit your friends shops to earn coins and experience, then come back to your own cafe and use Hello Kitty Time to double the speed of your sales, cooking, experience gaining and gold earning to make your cafe better even faster than before.

This game provides both a fun challenge and lots of cute imagery to make it a very relaxing, enjoyable experience. If you like cute games and want a game where you can customize, create, and improve your own Hello Kitty cafe, this is the game for you.

Hello Kitty Coffee is easy to play, but also enjoyable in that you can customize so many different things once you get started. In fact, once you get started playing this addictive game, you will simply not want to stop as you stick around to sell a few more juice drinks or bake a few more cookies.

The Hello Kitty world has never been more wonderful and delicious!

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