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IcoMania - Guess The Icon

21 Nov 2013

IcoMania - Guess The Icon game review

The bus ride from college to home can be very long and tiring. My phone had a full battery; so I decided to drain out the battery with a new app.

Ico Mania caught my eye as a rather cool looking app. The app downloaded quickly into my phone, because of its small size. The icon was cool looking and very attractive.

I had no idea what to expect when I first opened it. I am not the type to sit and read through the App description. When I got into the app, I was surprised by the list of locked levels that welcomed me.

IcoMania - Guess The Icon::By fes-games IcoMania - Guess The Icon::By fes-games IcoMania - Guess The Icon::By fes-games IcoMania - Guess The Icon::By fes-games IcoMania - Guess The Icon::By fes-games

IcoMania - Guess The Icon screenshots

Trust me; it had been long since I played games on my phone. So I pressed the first level; the only level that was open to me. It was just a fun little word game.

There were so many different small icons; we had to select an icon. This was the most interesting part for me.for me. The icons blew up and there was a cartoony image there. Below the image there were a few letters to choose from. If we can suppose the correct word, then we get a bonus of 15 or something coins. The topics covered include famous personalities, tv characters, tv shows, movies and famous sports personnel. Cities around the world are also included. You also need to be very updated with the new world wonder buildings, if you wanna play this game and enjoy it.

I have always been clever and brainy. My general knowledge has also been good. But I was shocked to see that I found the first level tough. The first level had plenty of pictures to guess from. But a few pictures were familiar; but not everything. I could guess Shrek and the smurfs; but I was stumped when it came to this cartoony kid. I still don’t know who that was. There were also many famous people like George Washington and Einstein. It is one thing to know whose face is in your country’s currency and its another to know another country’s currency facts.

A huge bonus of this game is that it doesn’t matter which level you score points in. New levels get unlocked depending upon the overall score. After 20 minutes of continuous play, I had unlocked 5 levels. But, the truth is, I never even entered the levels beyond the third level.

When I came home, I just googled ico mania. And I must say, I was surprised to discover so many cheat codes for this game available online. The same game is available with the same features on the App Store.

I highly recommend this game for everybody who is feeling bored. This game can be very drawing and very time consuming. This game is your ideal escape from all the boredom. The best thing is that it is very knowledgeable. You actually learn new stuff ere. And all you people with an actual thirst for knowledge, here is the right app for you. This just made me realize that if you know international politics, then you do not know sports; if you know sports, you do not know anything about entertainment.

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