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Indie Candy

24 Mar 2014

Indie Candy game review

Indie Candy! In this candy game I have experienced tasty desserts, puzzles in my brain, handy android gaming and addictive in nature with colorful, enjoyable and competitive gaming concept.

Though I felt the game is pretty as same as other candy games, the easy understanding, graphics and the music made me play this game as continuous as possible. This is the main reason for an Indie Candy game to have a huge set of fans and audiences.

I was struck by the gaming feature with three unique kinds of puzzles, and the leader board concept.

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Indie Candy screenshots

I started playing Indie Candy as a mind relaxing game which made all my office colleagues to follow the same.
Last week I had a very bad day in my office after a misunderstanding with my senior who blamed a mailing mistake on me which I didn't do, which took the entire company in jeopardy.

So much of quarrels, fights, meetings happened, which at the conclusion the truth came out that made to dismiss my superior for the mailing mistake he has done but not me.

I was quite disappointed with the distrust on me by my company, at that time I wanted to deviate my mind from that distress. I surfed in Google Play in my mobile, and then I came across Indie Candy. Indie Candy, made the magic. In fact every time, whenever I feel upset or down Indie Candy has helped enormously to change my state of mind in a drastic way.

So come back to my intro about how I came to know about free Indie Candy android game, I really wanted to keep me at peace and at the same time responsive in a better way. So I went to relax room in my office and started playing Indie Candy.

Later, I can’t stop jamming it! Each and every time I played Indie Candy, it helped me to improve my strategy exposure and time simulating capability. Though it is a kids game, it helped a lot for the adults too. My colleagues, hostel mates, college mates and even my father have started playing Indie Candy and experiencing the same feeling I felt when I played it.

Such a fantastic game Indie Candy is, right from kids of all ages and adults of all professions.

I felt the main reason behind the success of Indie Candy is its background music and special audio effect along with the great graphics and the game control. The only constraint is the size of this game in which it occupied a reasonable amount of capacity since I have a basic smart phone, but my colleagues and friends have latest smart phones and tables who enjoy Indie Candy very well.

The basic requirement of android version of Indie Candy to a device is around 2.2 and later. With frequent updating of Indie Candy, the developers have removed banner advertisements which made the game to play it continuously without any interruption.

Indie Candy will definitely make you change. 

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