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Jekyll & Hyde Hidden Object

16 Nov 2013

Jekyll & Hyde Hidden Object game review

Ever dream of being a detective?

Whether you’re fascinated by the mystery surrounding the Sherlock Holmes character or you enjoy the more recent (and gruesome) C. S. I series, you know that being a detective requires great analytical skills, good eye for detail and, most importantly, not being easily scared. So are you up for the challenge? Then download the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde app today!

This free demo version of the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Android game, available at the Play Store, is a fun point-and-click game that tests your skills in logical thinking, your memory, eye for detail and, in the case of more challenging tasks, your patience too!

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In Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, it really is up to you to navigate the scenes and find the requested objects. As it can be quite challenging, a hint or two might come in handy, so a few of them are provided to you.

But don’t cheat! Try to find things on your own to enjoy the game the way it was meant to be played. The challenges are quite good as well, as they require a good eye for detail and good memory. It’s also great if English isn’t your first language, as you’ll learn quite a few new names for different objects as you find them, as well as developing your reading and listening skills while you take in the background story.

You begin by listening to the story surrounding the murder of Sir Danvers Carew, killed in an alleyway in 19th century London. Your character, a famed detective, is responsible for following the tasks assigned to solve the mystery and find the killer.

There are several different characters (or should we say suspects) involved in the story and, as you progress, you learn more and more of their alibis and relationships with the victim. Once you reach the end of the demo version, you’ll be given the link to purchase the full version and, trust me, you’ll most definitely want to.

What is impressive about this game, as someone who is obsessed with murder mysteries as well as point-and-click games, is that the story in this game is so complete and extensive. You really get to know the story behind the victim’s murder in detail and it expands as you go along.

Besides that, the graphics are also outstanding. Very rarely do we find this level of graphics quality in point-and-click games, since you’d usually get a game that constantly crashes, scenes that are way too dark to find anything or games that are completely unresponsive.

The developers of point-and-click games can be quite lazy when it comes to drawing, programming or lighting of the scenes, so it’s definitely great to find a game such as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which works perfectly with no glitches or unresponsiveness.

All things considered, this app will surely challenge your detective skills as well as entertaining and teaching you along the way. Very good app overall, recommended, signed, sealed and delivered! So check it out today.

Make sure to extend your gameplay by purchasing the full version and enjoy!

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Download Jekyll & Hyde Hidden Object from Android market

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