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Jump Shot

30 Dec 2013

Jump Shot game review

Jump Shot is a platforming game that uses your device’s accelerometer to control the direction of your character.

In Jump Shot you will begin at a start point near the bottom of the screen and you’ll need to keep jumping from platform to platform to stay above the bottom of the screen which the level will progressively move towards. If you’ve played Doodle Jump then you’ll notice the similarities right away.

Jump Shot does have its difference though, and unlike Doodle Jump, Jump Shot has a free lite version with ads. Jump Shot is split into three different game modes; campaign, freeplay and survival.

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Jump Shot screenshots

Campaign puts you into a series of levels where the only goal is to reach the top without falling. It doesn’t sound hard at first, but each platform has been laid out smartly to make it difficult to beat the game without paying close attention to where you’re jumping.

It seems almost random, but at times within the campaign enemy spaceships will appear on the screen and shoot at you. To combat these enemies you can fire bullets and collect falling powerups. Campaign mode currently has twelve different stages, half of which you climb up, and half of which you climb down.

Each stage ends with a boss battle, and can only be played after the level before it has been completed. Survival is probably the most exciting of the three game modes; you are placed against waves of enemies and you must destroy them by tapping on the screen to shoot.

At first glance, survival mode appears to be very similar to Space Invaders. At the bottom of the screen your character bounces back and forth on a bouncy mat, and at the top, space ships shoot down below.

There isn’t any cover to hide behind though, so you’ll have to be careful with jumping otherwise you’ll get hit and die. Powerups and ammo are dropped to help you fight through the waves. Freeplay allows players to play though endless levels which play out similarly to the campaign levels.

You can choose whether to progress upwards or downwards, and also if you’d like enemies or not. Freeplay was designed for you to achieve the highest score possible and compete with your friends.




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