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Jungle Jumper Free

19 Jan 2014

Jungle Jumper Free game review

What is this?

Yet another Doodle Jump, Ninjump or Temple Run clone? Jungle Jumper definitely has similarities to all these game and borrows a bit here and there. So does it manage to rise above cheap knockoff status and contribute anything to the popular genre of endless running games? Read on to find out.

In Jungle Jumper you are the mouse explorer Jorvis who is lost in the jungle, which is quite exciting but also pretty frightening.

Jungle Jumper Free::By Lonely Giant Games Jungle Jumper Free::By Lonely Giant Games Jungle Jumper Free::By Lonely Giant Games Jungle Jumper Free::By Lonely Giant Games

Jungle Jumper Free screenshots

The jungle holds many dangers like snakes and bats and you have to help Jorvis avoid them. The gameplay is simple and responsive. Simply press either side of Jorvis to make him jump in that direction. The various animals all act differently and you can even take advantage of the spider’s own webs.

You can pick up a hat for Jorvis which acts like a shield so he can take a hit giving you a bit of room for a misstep when the speed increases. On the vines are objects you can pick up, in the beginning you can find magic beans and dragonfly eggs, pick up three of either in a row and you’ll get a ride on a magic beanstalk or a huge dragonfly.

The games has a multiplier that rises when you pick up objects or defeat an enemy and gives you more and more points, but that drops back down to one if you lose your hat by getting hit. You unlock abilities and costumes by getting achievements, for every three achievements you unlock you will receive one of these gifts.

The first one is a machete, allowing the little mouse to defend himself against the jungle creatures. Soon after you’ll unlock full medieval armour that covers the little mouse from snout to trail, making him look pretty tough for a small mouse.

The remaining abilities and costumes are fun and inventive, but I won’t spoil them for you, but rest assured that they are well worth your time to unlock. If you want to go for the hardest achievement, the 100. 000 points, you’ll definitely need as many of these abilities as you can get.

The game only has a short piece of music when starting a new game, but has nice sounds for Jorvis jumping around and for the different enemies. The game looks great with great animations for the little mouse, the many enemies and the cool special abilities.

Jungle Jumper is completely free and only has a small unobtrusive banner ad. All unlockables are earned through gameplay as there are no In-App Billing pay to win options. Jungle Jumper is a great game for both kids and grownups.

It's easy in the beginning but quickly gets harder as the speed goes up. With objectives and unlockables there is plenty of reason to keep playing and the game has that addictive "just one more try" quality, that keeps you coming back for more.

If you’re looking for a game to play when you have five minutes wait for the bus or a lazy Sunday afternoon to kill, Jungle Jumper is just the thing for you.

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