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Kick it out

07 Jun 2013

 Kick it out! game reviewThe Multiplayer Online Football Manager for Smartphones Since May 2012, Kick it out!, the successful multiplayer online football manager for smartphones, is also available on iPhone and iPad.


As a cross platform game, Kick it out! now can be played for free on all important smartphone platforms. The game itself is designed to be played immediately.

Managers can start playing friendlies by touching simple menu icons, or join different ty pes of tournaments (they can create their own tournaments) or one of the leagues.

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Playing with friends is easy using the built-in buddy list. Kick it out! (founded in 2010) is one of the most successful sports game apps on Google Play and was ranked first place by 24android. The game is localized to several languages like english, german, spanish and Italian.

New features are developed and released each month. With more than 1,250,000 downloads, the game has a huge and growing fan base. Abstract When running the app for the first time, the manager enters a desired team name, chooses kit colors and a national flag.

Once set up, easy challenges guide the manager through the first steps: The first friendly matches or tournaments. Some players can improve when they play. Soon, the manager will win some matches, buy new players and earn some money.

It's most important to buy a larger stadium to boost ticket sales. If the new manager has buddies who already own larger stadiums, playing on their ground can make up signi ficant income. New and better players allow to join the next level of tournaments, but be ware: Better players also cost salaries.

Managers can add items like fan shops or beer stands to their club area to boost income even more. The game has some unique features like superstitious players who are boosted by mascots, or randomly appearing beer bottles during the train ing minigame.

Special events occur on christmas or easter. The ultimate challenge is the huge Universe Cup tournament on each saturday night (UTC). Still, while the game has many detailled features, it can be played just for some seconds or minutes.

Planning the next match doesn't take hours like in full sized football manager games. There's also brillant support: Hints inside the app, a small tutorial, and of course the forum. The game is completely free to play.

There is cheap premium content available, for example the coach or scout packs which add features for intermediate managers. Furthermore, there are Action Packs with items inside, like additional players or training camps.

To keep the game balanced, purchases of those packs have a permonth limit. Summary Kick it out! can be played immediately and fast at any time wherever you are and whatever smartphone you have. It's easy to play and has all the modern social gaming aspects.

Once you won your first tournament, you want to win the next one. And you're part of the Kick it out! world.

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Download Kick it out! from iTunesDownload Kick it out! iPad app download from iTunes Download Kick it out! Android app download from iTunes Download Kick it out! Android free app download from iTunes

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