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Kids Connect the Dots

21 Jun 2014

Kids Connect the Dots game review

Kids love surprises. Kids love games. So you can keep their attention by connecting the dots that reveal nice images. A free of charge android game offers a set of 30 images including different objects and animals.

It is an educational game that improves children's motoric skills. This game is interesting for all children, especially for the ones that start to learn numbers. Also, it trains children's imagination, because every picture is a small story. During the game they can guess the object hidden behind the dots. The colorful pictures make kids to continue tapping the dots and to move on the others.

It's a simple game with no other options than to connect dots. That's why kids will love it.

Kids Connect the Dots::By FoxCom s.r.o. Kids Connect the Dots::By FoxCom s.r.o. Kids Connect the Dots::By FoxCom s.r.o. Kids Connect the Dots::By FoxCom s.r.o. Kids Connect the Dots::By FoxCom s.r.o.

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It starts with the same picture, but kids can choose the one that want to reveal. They don't need to finish the picture to move to another one. When they connect all the dots the objects reveals in a colorful way. That motivates the kids to play this game regularly when they have free time.

The child can connect the dots by either finger-drag drawing or single tapping from dot to dot. As progresses the next dot lights up.

Why your kids will love it?

It's a fun exploring the game. Also helps children to count better and to learn the different objects and animals that reveals in each picture. It keeps them mentally active all the time and improves their skills.

What to improve?

Children want to be interactive all the time. A voice pronouncing the numbers of the dots and the name of the final object or animal that reveals in the picture will make it more interesting for the kids.


·         Highly educative approach used to teach the preschoolers;

·         Games uses high-end laser technology making it more inviting and attractive to play;

·         Perfectly creates a balance between fun and education at affordable terms;

·         The application is fully compatible to use for android or iOS devices;

·         Uses digitalized version to classic game design.

This game is an interesting way for children to start learning numbers and counting, wondering what object will appear at the end. Also keeps their attention till the last number. No doubts that children will enjoy playing it. They can choose the picture that want to reveal. There is no requirement to finish the one just to move to the other. So it will make them happy, feeling free choosing the graphic that inspire them most just to see the final result of the connected dots.

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