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Kids Adventure

06 May 2014

Kids Adventure game review

If you got kids and you want an exceptional game that is adventurous for them, a game that would be fun, engaging and also educative, there is no need looking far.

When you are able to mix fun, education and engagement together in a game for kids, you got Kids Adventure. This is a game that has been developed for kids to be friendly and most importantly for them to learn and be educated in this adventure game.

It is one of the best applications for a child because of the numerous games that a child can play with.

Kids Adventure::By FlexyMind Kids Adventure::By FlexyMind Kids Adventure::By FlexyMind Kids Adventure::By FlexyMind

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A child would be able to play different kinds of games that include the odd one out games, labyrinth, puzzles, hide-and-seek, etc. To make it very exciting, the developer Flexymind made it to be a simple game mechanics. A child has instruments, locations and bonus levels to compete with.

And there are lots of points, rewards for wins and helpful tips or hints for the kid while playing the game. And for those who have interest on animals and earth, there are lots of interesting reference information on them.

For my kids, when they started playing the game initially, it was love at first sight. This has become a great app for those kids of the preschool level who are ready to discover and learn about the world and equally study from the app while they are developing their foundational skills with Kids Adventure.

There are lots of things to learn from the game like discovery while reading, observation and thinking skills, identifying simple notions, exploring our world, having a better understanding of colors, objects, shapes and letters. 

Kids Adventure works with a lot of friendly animals that would take the child in a adventurous travelling through engaging music, educational games, virtual rewards and amazing interaction experiences. The game is going to take kids identify zoo while playing the games like the meerkats, penguins, fossas, monkeys, parrots, cats and other animals. These animals will give these kids tasks and equally get them entertained.

The game will help the kids in locating objects that are hidden which would make them develop attentiveness and quick reaction and also give them a great understanding of objects, shapes, letters and sounds. And when these kids play the maze, they would be able to help the animals move through the labyrinth and think logically as they find different treasures.

This game is one of my best for kid’s apps. There are lots of coloured locations that are full of details of countries like Egypt, Australia, the Arctic, Madagascar and lots more to support the kids explore their world. Kids Adventure has a teacher’s voice that would accompany the messages and written texts which would help the kids in their foundation reading skills improvement. There are lots of levels that would develop the observational and thinking skills of the child. This is why a lot of parents are installing this app for their kids to make use of for their foundational learning years.

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