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Lexathon word jumble

02 Oct 2013

Lexathon™ word jumble game review

Lexathon is an innovative, diverting word game that you can play and enjoy on your Android device. Xandar Mob has just released new version of great word jumble game.

In Lexathon, you are given a simple task. Out of a 3x3 grid of letters (nine letters in all), you need to make as many words of four or more letters as you can, and as quickly as possible. However, the brilliant twist comes in how you must use the letters.

The center letter in the square MUST be used, but can only be used once. The other letters can also only be used once, but don't have to be used if you don't want to.

Lexathon™ word jumble::By Xandar Mob Lexathon™ word jumble::By Xandar Mob Lexathon™ word jumble::By Xandar Mob Lexathon™ word jumble::By Xandar Mob Lexathon™ word jumble::By Xandar Mob Lexathon™ word jumble::By Xandar Mob Lexathon™ word jumble::By Xandar Mob

Lexathon™ word jumble screenshots

Other than that, the four letter minimum is the only rule to follow. What ensues is a very addictive and challenging game that is so fun you will be surprised at how long you play it without looking at the clock.

In Lexathon, you have sixty seconds to make as many words as you can. Fortunately, whenever you find a word that qualifies according to the rules given above, you earn an extra twenty seconds that gets added to the clock as it continues to run down.

Your round can end in only two ways. First, you can run out of time, if you go long enough without being able to add new words to your ever-growing list. Second, you can simply give up if you know you cannot think of any more words to make, but you do not want to simply wait for the time to run out.

It's a nice option to have since otherwise, you would simply have to sit and watch the clock tick down. Afterwards, the game scores you according to the percentage of possible words you found and the amount of time it took you to play your round.

You can then compare scores on the global leaderboard, where you can add your name and an image to customize your profile. The game also keeps a log of your past scores and results so you can see your improvement.

The customization is very nice, too. You can add words to the game's dictionary if you want, so that you never have to be angry again when your favorite slang word isn't scored as a word by the game. You can also delete words from the game's dictionary, too.

As you play, a cash register sound lets you know when you select a useable word, and it's a nice little reward. You simply enter words by tapping the letters in the order you need to so the word will be spelled.

You can hit the “Clear” button if you mess up, or “Check” it to submit the word. If the way the letters are arranged isn't helping you, you can use the “Shuffle” button to change that, too. Like all of the best word games, Lexathon is a very simple but deep game that is very easy to learn, but difficult to master.

This addictive game will both help your vocabulary and cure you of boredom any time you need a quick word fix. You'll have a great time comparing scores with friends and challenging others to beat your best efforts.

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Download Lexathon™ word jumble from Android market

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