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31 Aug 2013

LilyMaster review

Do you want to play a simple and easy to play game? Obviously, it should be fun and entertaining too. Right? LilyMaster is one game which I would recommend you to try if you want a gaming experience like that.

There are times when we are too bored with the normal and popular running games, strategy games and board games. At such time, we need something different and it sounds a bit unbelievable but games like LilyMaster really do their job of entertaining and pleasing us very well.

There is a beautiful garden in your new gaming world where each plant is very important and precious.

LilyMaster::By Mika Tapanainen LilyMaster::By Mika Tapanainen

LilyMaster screenshots

The plants are being attacked by bugs. You need to stop those cruel and dirty bugs before they eat those plants out and devour your beautiful garden. The bugs need to be thrown away and this is your mission in the game.

You need to throw away the bugs to save your plants. The bugs need to be put in a can. But do you think it’s that easy? It sounded to me too but there is a trick of course. A timer –I would say a kind of timer.

The bugs are eating your plant and you need to save the plant before they eat it completely. In case, you are late your beautiful plant is gone forever.
LilyMaster has been a much better game than I had expected.

The graphics of the game are not so nice but still, you would love to play with those graphics too. After all we don’t need cool and high tech graphics each time. Sometimes, simplicity is all we want. And if you also want simplicity, this is a game which cannot miss.

The game is compatible with android version 2.2 and more. That explains the not so high tech graphics in the game but I didn’t actually mind playing with those graphics because the game was really fun. Also, some people who still own the older versions, I am wondering why they do, but still, such people can consider this game as a wish come true.

Because, nowadays, most of the games aren’t compatible at all with the previous android versions. They all require the latest ones. It is good news for those people.

The game has three difficulty levels – easy, medium and hard. The easy one is just too easy. The medium one is a bit challenging and I really enjoyed it but the hard one – well they should have called it ‘insane’.

Those dirty and filthy bugs become so fast in eating out your plants. In just a few seconds, you complete plant is gone and you keep on wondering how am I supposed to put these into the can so fast. But that is the challenging part of the game. Right? I am still stuck with LilyMaster.

I am happy to be stuck with this game and am trying to complete the game with actual ‘insane’ – read it as a hard difficulty mode. You must check out this game if you want simple and plain fun.

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