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Logo Quiz Car

09 Nov 2013

Logo Quiz Car game review

Do you think you know your automobile brands?

You may know their names, but can you identify those car brands from their vehicle logos? Time to test yourself, all you need is the Logo Quiz Car app developed by Logos Quiz Games, and is now available for free download from the Android Marketplace.

The Logo Quiz Car is a quiz game app, featuring over 180 car brand logos that the player must guess the corresponding car brand that individual car logos belong to.

Logo Quiz Car::By Logos Quiz Games Logo Quiz Car::By Logos Quiz Games Logo Quiz Car::By Logos Quiz Games Logo Quiz Car::By Logos Quiz Games Logo Quiz Car::By Logos Quiz Games

Logo Quiz Car screenshots

The logos are presented in 10 levels of gameplay, with each round becoming increasingly difficult. You start the game on level 1, and the objective is to select each car logo shown and guess which automobile company uses that logo on their cars.

Players are provided up to four hints when the game first starts. These four hints can be used by the player to help them guess the car logos. Once the four hints are used up, the player can request additional hints using the Free Hints button.

Players can play different levels once a minimum number of correct logo guesses have been made, and the app keeps track of their progress during the game. Each correct guess of a car logo will score the player points.

These points and the correct number of car logos that are guessed in each round is shown in the Stats section of the game. In the Stats section, players can view different statistical information such as:• Number and percentage of guessed logos• Number and percentage of perfect guesses• Number of guess tries• Display of points accumulated• Display of unlocked levels and completed levels• Number and percentage of used and unused hintsThe player can also compare their own scores with other players online using the High Scores option.

When the player has successfully guessed a car logo, they have the option to view info about the car brand by pressing a button that opens the car brand's Wikipedia page entry directly in the app. Additional game hints are also earned after correct logo guesses are made.

Game options allow the player to choose different settings such as:• Turn sound on/off• Turn vibrate mode on/off• Option to rate the game• Reset the game (resets all game points, progress and hints)• Options to give view privacy and game help, and to leave feedback to the game developers.

The Logo Quiz Car app also features integration to social media including Facebook and Twitter. You can share the app with your friends or you can post individual messages while trying to guess each logo.

This means that if you want to share information about some logo, you can do it easily from within the app. The Logo Quiz Car app is fun to play. You can test your knowledge of hundreds of automobile brands, learn about those you are not familiar with and track your progress via the in-game stats display.

This game is a good time killer and I give thumbs up for this app. Download it today.

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Download Logo Quiz Car from Android market

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