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Logo Quiz Fun Plus

21 Oct 2013

Logo Quiz Fun Plus game review

Logo Quiz is a fun and addictive quiz game that you can play on the go with your Android device.

In Logo Quiz, you are given recognizable and tricky logos from the world's most well-known companies and brands and asked to guess them. The tricky part is that just the symbols are given, and you may often see one and think, “I know that looks familiar!” without being able to guess what it is.

For logos, such as that of Amazon, which include the name of the company, several letters are erased so that you can certainly recognize the logo, but won't be told what it is.

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Logo Quiz Fun Plus screenshots

With a game like this, it is extremely important that there be an easy way to make your guesses and have them be recognized by the game so that you don't get frustrated. Logo Quiz certainly succeeds in that respect, as playing the game is unbelievably simple and stress-free.

After you enter a stage, you are given a screen full of logos presented in three columns. You simply touch a logo that you want to guess, which brings up the logo on a second screen in a bigger size. It gives you a blank space to enter your answer into as the Android keyboard pops up to use the bottom half of the screen.

When you enter your answer, there are two possibilities. If you get it wrong, you'll hear an “uh-oh!” sound as the logo wiggles back and forth. The on-screen blue smiley face will shake its head, too. Then, you can simply enter a new guess.

On a correct answer, you'll hear a “ding” and get an approving grin from the blue smiley face, and the game will automatically take you back to the stage screen. The logo you just guessed correctly will now have a green check mark at the bottom left of it.

When you have touched a logo, you can also hit the “Get Hint” button, which can give you up to three hints per logo to help you guess it correctly. Your hints have a limit, but you can earn more if you use them all up.

At first, you have only one stage of questions available to you, but as you answer a few of the Stage 1 logos, you gain access to the next stage, and so forth. The game has 15 stages to start with, and 60 logos to guess in each stage, providing players with plenty of content to entertain themselves with.

You can also turn on/off sound or vibration features in the options menu or share your high scores with others. There are a lot of quiz games available for Android devices, but it is hard to beat the simple, addictive fun of Logo Quiz.

This is a perfect game to play on the go, as it is a non-stressful, easy to play quiz game that you can easily exit out of for a moment's notice. It is fun to play either in brief chunks of time or even for extended periods of time.

All quiz buffs should check out Logo Quiz.

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