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Lunar Racer

26 Apr 2014

Lunar Racer game review

The developers of the game Stickman Golf have attempted to reach the market again, with their second release, Lunar Racer. This contemporary game is very stylish and set in the future with the player of the game required to race around a two dimensional world.

The game is very simple to follow and has a lot of promise and potential however I do not think this potential was used up as at times the game often seems to simple and cumbersome.

The basic content of the game is that it is a two dimensional racing game with a side on view. The player must race against three other contestants racing around numerous planets and moons.

Lunar Racer::by Noodlecake Studios Lunar Racer::by Noodlecake Studios Lunar Racer::by Noodlecake Studios Lunar Racer::by Noodlecake Studios Lunar Racer::by Noodlecake Studios

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At the beginning of the game a simple test must be taken to prove your driving abilities and once this has been done the player will be provided with a special license. The player will be taught various commands and controls to help them play the game such as touching the left screen of the device which will keep your car on the floor, whilst touching the ride hand side will help increase how fast the car can travel. The player does not need a steering wheel as no steering is required. The only manoeuvres are precision in time when increasing speed and leaps in order to overtake the other racers.

The car can also fly through the air. In order to achieve this the player must tilt the device from side to side and this will allow the car to jump through the air. These jumps are very important as they refill the cars fuel supply which allows them to continue travelling. Without it the player will not be able to beat the other racers, jump, flip or potentially beat the other racers.

You must land on the ground successfully however because if you do not manage to do so then you will smash to the ground which will hinder your progress. The more you tilt then the quicker the racer flips and this will provide you with more fuel. There is also money to accumulate which can be found on the floor and in the air so it is important you do both.

The actually races are very speedy and extreme and you will find that a lot of thrusting and jostling takes place from the opposition. You must be careful however in planning your movements and deciding when to use your speed bursts as it could be detrimental to your progress if you do not choose wisely and end up running out of fuel.

If the screen of the device is tapped on the right hand side then this will result in the car using a lot more energy but causing the car to travel at a greater velocity. A tap to the left hand side of the screen will result in the car being pulled back down to the floor by increasing the gravitational pull on it.

Many games of this genre use fuel simply as an advantageous speed increase, but in this particular game the fuel is essential to winning. With this in mind it is of vital importance that fuel sources are kept topped up. If the fuel runs out then the player will not be able to get off the slope let alone attempt technical manoeuvres.

All of the movements which the car can do really are a lot of fun and in addition to these the car is also provided with a variety of weapons. These include numerous rockets or bombs used to bombard the opposition with. The player also has a protective shield to help defend themselves from any assault which may be launched upon them. There is a special bonus logo and once the player goes past this they are provided with an upgrade.

The game is very airy fairy and this can be quite hard to get to grasps with at times. In order to succeed you must master the controls and realise when is best to speed up and when is best to use the gravitational pull and bring the car back down to the ground.

The game certainly is full of energy and very quick and has a lot of potential so it is worth looking out for this in times to come. The potential of this game certainly provides it for many improvements, additions and upgrades.

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