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18 Jan 2014

Magicopoly game review

Magicopoly is a board game in which you have to roll the dice of destiny and dash around the world of Magicopolis to summon powerful elements.

The aims of the game are simple—control the most powerful elements that will suck the magic out of your enemies. Inspired by other opoly games, Magicopoly brings a new twist to the genre with spell casting.

No longer will a chest or question mark ruin your day, as new sorceries and magic’s allow you to bring pain to your fellow wizards or give boosts to yourself and your elements; spells such as Armor of Ice and Fire, Poison Daggers, Mana Potions, Meditations, Teleportation, Invisibility, Dragon Summoning, Speed Boosters, Attunements, Scrolls, and many more.

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Magicopoly screenshots

Find a spell and don’t have enough mana to cast it? Put it in your spell book and cast it later! What are the elements you summon you say? Elements of Wind, Lightning, Water, Ice, Fire, Smoke, Earth, and Poison.

Be sure to be the first to summon the elements. Each element has an affinity for their brethren. Thus, if you collect enough of the same, your ability to “attune” yourself to them gives them even greater power.

Some of the more powerful elements, such as Poison and Earth can be found deeper in Magicopolis. However, be wary because most wizards lose much of their magic by this point and must return to the mana well to replenish their stores.

Also be wary of the dangers that lurk around Magicopolis. You will find spiders, snakes, hostile elements, hostile spells and hungry dragons! Not feeling like commanding elements? Magicopoly allows you to set up herb shops or wizard academies.

With more academies and shops that you have, the more you can charge the patrons that frequent your establishments. Magicopoly allows you to play with up to three wizards, which can be either friends or computer controlled.

Despite being enemies, however, it sometimes serves a wizard’s best interest to work together for a common purpose. Often at times you will find yourself needing to trade with other wizards to gain command of elements you would otherwise not be able to obtain.

As such, Magicopoly has screens in which you can barter with your fellow wizards. At times, you will need to battle your fellow mages with a test of mana if an element does not know where its loyalty lies.

Elements are always looking for the most powerful masters, thus the wizard who can conjure the most magic will win the element’s devotion. If your fellow wizards are weak enough, the summoned element may not require much magic to influence at all!

Feeling a little low on magic? Sometime dismissing elements may be the best way to get that magic back. Some elements are very mana hungry and may not necessarily be serving your best interest, however faithful they may be.

Elements can always be re-summoned, though, when your magic has regained its strength. Games can be long, but that’s not a worry. Games save automatically so you can return for additional hours of fun. The important part is just to have fun!

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