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Majesty The Northern Expansion

14 Sep 2013

Majesty The Northern Expansion game review

Majesty: The Northern Expansion has a slight but important difference to other real-time strategy games in that it doesn’t give you full or direct control over any of your forces.

This game is gorgeous, with detailed, colourful cartoonish graphics that wouldn’t look out of place in one of the better quality full-on PC games. The stunning visuals are allied to a strong, heroic sounding soundtrack, which helps no end.

You’re not playing the role of a great field marshall or emperor, surveying his troops and talking strategy, you’re more of a distant commander or monarch who pays headstrong mercenaries and would rather not know the details.

Your main focus in this game is to strengthen and expand your borders. You have to balance the expansion of your kingdom with the resources it can offer you and your armies. There must be enough temples, marketplaces and barracks to fill the increased space or you’ll be too weak to meet the challenges that come with leadership. However, you also need enough money to keep your hired henchmen happy. If you run low on funds by reckless spending, no one will work for you and your kingdom will fall into ruin while your servants refuse to even get out of bed for what you’re offering them. Majesty: Northern Expansion is about empire building rather than hitting the field of war yourself.

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You’re in charge of administration in this game. You have at your disposal warriors, lackeys and wizards, but you have to buy and bribe them to get them to do anything for you. Even so, they will follow their own ways and act independently – and not always in your favour.

This indirect control is very simple to get used to and works well on mobile screens. Units attack, collect booty and distribute it on their own, but they operate around central points of focus, like buildings and regions. As the player, you don’t enter the region you want to conquer with all guns blazing, you grow your empire and influence into the region. Buildings and units are the focus of conquests.

You control your empire by either double-tapping the screen or by using the buttons on the user interface. You target enemies or place buildings using this method, and while the number of choices and volume of information looks bewildering at first, the layout of the (necessarily small) interface is well thought out and easy to grasp.

In your empire, a blacksmith will make better weapons and armour for your soldiers, while earning your city money. You also have the marketplaces, where your people can buy useful items for their various quests. You also have a trusty tax collector who will cream off more money from your subjects, swelling your coffers further.

One of the best features of this game is the innovative and engaging graphics – among the best on Android. You get to see enemies spawn across your empire map, and you also see the amazing sight of dragons shaking snow off their backs.

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