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Mark My Words

05 Nov 2013

Mark My Words game review

Mark my words, no no, you are not being lectured, Mark My Words is a fun new android app with quality graphics and wonderful app interface.

After installing and opening the game all you have to do is tap twice to start playing the game, once on the tap here text and once on the play button.

As soon as you open the application the music playing in the background lets the user know the genre and the quality of the app they are about to experience.

Mark My Words::By Kostas Nikoloudis Mark My Words::By Kostas Nikoloudis Mark My Words::By Kostas Nikoloudis Mark My Words::By Kostas Nikoloudis Mark My Words::By Kostas Nikoloudis Mark My Words::By Kostas Nikoloudis Mark My Words::By Kostas Nikoloudis

Mark My Words screenshots

The music is elegant and piano based and after you tap on play button, the next screen introduces you to the game interface, it is sort of like what is what and how to use the app. The game is not that heavy and laggy so it will not slow down your android even slightly, you can either pause the game whenever you want, using the button on the top right of the screen, or just hit home or back on your android and the application immediately stops.

The game is quite simple really but this does not mean it is any less fun. The graphics are very pleasing and the gameplay is quite easy to grasp. All you have to do is read the text in the top black box, after that choose the right answer from the options given below the big black box.

If your answer is right the app will indicate it with a pleasing sound and your chosen option will also turn green. On the other hand if you choose the incorrect option a different sound will indicate it and the option box will turn red.

To help the player enjoy the game and decrease the difficulty level, the app has been designed such that it provides the user with four (4) clues which make the life somewhat easier for the player. Accompanying the unique art style and high quality pixel resolution, this wonderful application also hosts around 800 famous quotes said by different and famous people throughout the world.

This app also tests the literary knowledge of the player and allows the player to learn some brilliant new quotes while having fun at the same time. The game is quite challenging indeed the score that you end up scoring will declare how good your knowledge is.

So put your knowledge to the test with this exciting app and revise some well known phrases along with learning some new ones which may come in handy someday. So if you haven’t installed this terrific yet light app in your android, go ahead install it right now and enjoy the literary fun that is to be gained from this elegant and unique quiz based app while listening to the soothing background music.

To say in a few wild words that this app is a blast would not be sufficient but however, we say its elegant and wild as the developers of the app put it, brace yourselves … the Quotes are coming.

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