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Masked Shooters

12 Jul 2014

Masked Shooters game review

The thing about games these days is that shooting apps won’t seem to be out of fad in this generation.

 I mean ever since Robocop came in the scene and became a game, it kind of progressed from there and even got more advanced. Well thanks to technology, we could enjoy more shooting games right at the palm of our hands. You don’t need such massive controllers or a wide screen to enjoy some games like these especially when you want to kill time whilst you are traveling. Gaming apps come in handy for gamers who appreciate the art of shooting guns and running from the enemies.

Masked Shooters::By Freeze Nova Masked Shooters::By Freeze Nova Masked Shooters::By Freeze Nova Masked Shooters::By Freeze Nova

Masked Shooters screenshots


Masked Shooters can be played alone and you can also find some people online who can play it with you. You can do a lot of things from this game and not just point and shoot your online adversary. Talking about the design, the graphics are pretty amazing ! The pictures are pretty neat and dare we say it, it’s almost like real life! Okay not to exaggerate but we just want to make a point that it’s that good but not exactly perfect. But hey, it’s still new so there is still room for perfection and we cannot wait for it!

Discussing about the user interface now, well if you are used to using a roller mouse of a joystick and your computer keyboard; this is probably the only adjustment that you will have to deal with. It’s not that comfortable using small keys on your phone but it could work on tablets. The navigation is still not that difficult and the adjustment from shooting using your PC or desktop could be a bit annoying but it’s definitely tolerable. we still think there could be other buttons or probably device that could be attached to your phone to make this more comfortable for the player. Probably something with Bluetooth but hey, that’s just our opinion.

It’s easy to download and before we forget this only for Android users. Android 4.0 and up subscribers can download this on their device so sad to say for iOS owners. But who knows, they could update it and include iPhone users as well. They just recently updated it last July 7 of this year so we might expect more improvements in the coming days. It is always best to read reviews first on apps especially if you will purchase them so you know that you won’t be wasting your money. Trust only unbiased reviews so you could get a fair opinion of the product. So before you download it today, we hope that you consider our review and make a good decision about it. It’s a promising game in the future especially when all the updates are finally done. You’re going to love the look of this game and that’s for sure.


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