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Me Mnemonic

04 Feb 2014

Me Mnemonic game review

Me Mnemonic is an easy yet addictive game that tests your memory in a peculiarly interesting way.

In this game, you have to run as quickly as you can throughout the house to gather every pair of items scattered all over the rooms. It requires a fairly sharp memory as you have to find the right pairs.

The game gets quite exciting as you strive to achieve a better record and earn three medals in all levels with the least moves possible. To play Me Mnemonic, you’ll have to register an account using your email.

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Upon successful registration, you’ll be able to start playing with friends and users all over the globe. It’s rather easy to understand the game’s mechanics; however, as you reach a higher level, the game gets more challenging as more rooms and pairs appear.

Essentially, what you need to do is collect all pairs in the house. For instance, if you see a can of tomato sauce, you need to find its corresponding pair placed somewhere in the house. Once you start the game, you’ll see a map of the house, and the number of rooms and levels you need to complete.

A timer ticks in the background so you have to move as fast as possible. You also have to meet the mysterious girl in all levels, and follow her to get bonus points. Find all of the “M”pairs scattered in the house for higher scores.

This will help you earn three medals in each level. When you earn three medals in all levels, unlock all achievements and meet the elusively mysterious girl roaming the house, you’ll become the master of the house.

Me Mnemonic comes with 178 levels and 10 houses, each with a unique room plan. According to the makers, players can expect more levels and labyrinth houses soon. It’s easy to compare scores with friends and check who are on the lead by viewing the leader boards.

As you’ll be playing and competing with friends from various parts of the world, the game becomes much more enthralling. What’s great about Me Mnemonic is that it connects you with millions of worldwide Papaya players through the Papaya Social Network.

It’s convenient to add and interact with new friends, and play with them. You can also send messages, edit your Papaya profile, add a profile photo and chat with other players on the Papaya network. On the home page, you can even see the latest updates of other players and type your own status.

Me Mnemonic has a detailed and user-friendly interface. Once logged in, you may choose to play immediately by tapping enter. A funky, techno music plays in the background. There are four main icons once you tap enter: the play, tutorial, social network and volume icons.

When you tap the social network icon, you can access your achievements, the leader boards, the message section and coin section where you can purchase Papaya coins. You can use these coins to shop at the Papaya store.

Me Mnemonic is a fun and easy game that kids and teenagers will surely love. Regardless of age, if you like swift games with non-complex gameplay, you should certainly give Me Mnemonic a try.

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