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Megacity HD

21 Jan 2014

Megacity HD game review

MegaCity is a unique city building puzzle game.

It's challenging but fun, easy to learn and hard to master. It uses a simple system where each building you place influences the tiles around it. The ultimate goal is to collect points by placing housing on the positively influenced tiles to keep your residents happy.

From houses to hospitals, factories and fire stations or landmarks to landfills, the game will see you creating a vibrant city while you figure out what's best for your citizens.

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You'll also level up and unlock different buildings as you play! Each building affects the space around it differently. You'll have to balance the positive effects with the negative effects in order to decide where best to place the building.

You gain more space by reaching a target, which clears the way for more buildings to be built. Run out of space and its game over. It's like Simcity meets Tetris! The game has a full easy-to-understand tutorial, explaining everything, which will have you playing in no time.

This means the gameplay is highly strategic, and you'll actually see yourself creating and solving your own puzzles throughout the course of a game. You can't predict what will come up next in the build queue, so you'll have to gamble and plan ahead.

To aid this a little, there's also a 'save a tile' feature that allows you to keep a tile in reserve for when you really might need it. Or alternatively, delay the building of that nasty landfill site until you have more room and can place it away from people's homes.

The game also features a challenge mode which gives you a puzzle to solve with a pre-defined selection of buildings. The difficulty ranges from super easy to super complex, but you always feel clever and smug once you solve them!

You can complete these challenges to gain more xp, which goes towards unlocking new buildings. The game is rendered in a beautiful, colourful and detailed graphical style and features a myriad of different sound effects and upbeat background music.

You can end up playing this game for hours, or a fun 5 minutes. The game will auto save your last game, even when you close the app or turn off your device, so no need to worry about losing your precious ultra high scoring megacity-in-progress!

It's a universal app which will scale perfectly to fit all iOS screen sizes. It's got full gamecenter integration with achievements and high scores. There is also a separate global high scores leader board, in which you can compete with high scores from people playing the game on Android and Windows Phone.

Show them who's the boss! Or erm, Mayor!

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