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Mini Motor Racing

13 Feb 2014

Mini Motor Racing game review

For the last two decades arcade racing games have been the staple diet of the gaming market. They come in the format of short tracks, the ability to have speed increased bonuses and adrenaline enhanced races which are hard to recreate in the classic style of race game.

The aim of the game like most racing games is to win and be the first to cross the finish line. The better place you come in the race then the more money you will accumulate.

You can use this money to enhance your car to help you race in the forthcoming races and cups. Upgrading your car will help you in the races but it will not be enough. Strategic thinking is also a vital element and the players must remember the routes of the track on all of the maps to give them the advantage.

Mini Motor Racing::by NextGen Reality Mini Motor Racing::by NextGen Reality Mini Motor Racing::by NextGen Reality Mini Motor Racing::by NextGen Reality Mini Motor Racing::by NextGen Reality

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Right from the off set the player will notice the magic about this game with that being the outstanding graphics. The art work used within this game is nothing short of amazing and can be compared to the graphics used in the best cartoons. These illustrations will truly take your breath away and they seem so magical it is as if they could leap out of the game and come to live. However though, as amazing as these illustrations are, they always manage to remain realistic.

The main feature of the game is not necessarily about the fight between the various cars in the race but more about the fight between the players themselves and using the physics of the game. To be able to guide yourself around the track correctly will be as a result of being able to overcome the restraints of the environment to enable yourself to hover, glide and speed up against the other cars. You are offered a helping hand to achieve these movements in the form of upgrades which you can get to your car. These are obtained as you make your way through the game which is quite big and jam packed.

To compliment the game further is the cool music which really does give the game a certain ambience. If you put all of these features together the end result is game which really grabs your attention and provides you with an excellent gaming adventure. There are two sections to the game. The first is a quick play section and the second is a career mode. The career mode includes a wide range of different elements to the game play and will have lots of maps which are divided into different tournaments.

As with all racing game the design of the controls is vitally important for game play. If the controls have been designed badly then this can completely hinder your progress in a race. Luckily however the controls do appear to have been designed very well in this game and do not leave any major issues to be addressed. The game features a steering wheel and in order to control this you must drag it along. Other controls used include basic side to side options. There is one control, the slider, which I did find a bit tricky and could not quite grasp the knack of this. The types of control used is a personal decision and down to the player to see which one they feel the most comfortable and confident with using. I personally had a preference for the steering wheel.

The game has taken a tried and test formulae of successful game genre and managed to make it even better by adding its own artistic influence upon it. The end product is really amazing and provides a racing adventure which will want to make players come back time and time again.

I really adored this game and would certainly place it up there at the top of arcade racing games on offer. The content is fantastic, the maps and races are brilliant and create such an effect they will make you want to come back for more.

If you like racing games then Mini Motor Racing is definitely one you should try.

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