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14 Jun 2013

Monkey! game review

The style of the game made popular in the "Simon Says" genre is a perfect match for the mobile gaming environment.

A new app recently released on the Google App store called "Monkey!" takes advantage of interest in this style of gameplay. Monkey! is based on a couple of simple premises. First, each game has nine rounds, which you must make it through in order to win the game and score as many points as possible.

Each of the rounds has a progressively difficult series of memory matching tiles that you must select correctly.

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You start of with a couple of tiles that are presented each of which you must tap correctly in order that the tiles are presented and always in the correct order, or you will lose something that is precious in this game: Bananas.

The monkey needs bananas, and you need them or your will experience a fast and swift game over. You will be given a set number of bananas in the beginning of each game, and if you are quick and fast, and remember the sequence of tiles that are highlighted correctly, you will be rewarded with additional points and bonuses.

In addition to the correct sequence that must be pressed (remember you must correctly remember the sequence provided always), you must also make the correct guesses within a certain amount of time. If you can guess the right sequences quickly, then you will be rewarded.

The name of the game is to be correct with the matching of the sequencing. The most difficult level, level 9, requires that you correctly guess all 11 tile sequences. The first level starts of with a simple 3 sequences, so it is not so hard to get started and pass on two the first few levels, but after that, your short-term memory will certainly be challenged to the max.

When you reach each succeeding level, you are rewarded with a refresh of the "lives" available to you in the game. These lives are actually the bananas, and you are given six per level. The funny little monkey in the game, is a special tap target, that performs different actions, depending whether or not the monkey's arms are crossed or not.

If the monkey's arms are crossed, then the game sequence is reversed. If the monkeys arms are extended, then you can use a pinapple bonus. This game is certainly entertaining and provides hours of fun for the whole family.

Like the Simon Says games of years ago, this game is a challenge for your memory. The updated graphics for the android platform and the cute little monkey make this game one that you should pick up from the Google Play store.

You might think that this game is a simple one, but don't be fooled, it is more challenging than you might think. In any case, it is fun, and I recommend that you download this game today.

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Download Monkey! from Android market

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