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Music Library

22 Feb 2014

Music Library game review

Do you like music? The best thing a music fan can have or buy is a discography which would contain the catalog of all the published sound recordings of a specific artist or within a specific music genre.

But acquiring such a thing created with complete perfection is quite a difficult task. I can say that from my personal experience.

I had searched at several sources to get a number of discographies, but unfortunately, I could find only a few and then I came across this app – Music Library.

Music Library::By Interactive Fantasy Team Music Library::By Interactive Fantasy Team Music Library::By Interactive Fantasy Team Music Library::By Interactive Fantasy Team

Music Library screenshots

Music Library is an app which is made available for Android devices by the Interactive Fantasy Team, which is by chance, the one from which I bought the first discography which I would consider as perfect and probably that’s what managed to build my trust in their team and I downloaded this app for this promised me with a number of discographies, finding which would have taken me quite a long time and yes, I would have had to spend money on each of them individually.

But through Music Library, I spent money only once and got access to many discographies at the same time. This app has been specially designed for the customers of Interactive Fantasy Team who have bought more than 3 discographies from them.

In case, you need to buy more discographies, you can simply download the app and get access to the current as well as the future ones at the price of just first three you bought.

It’s actually a fair deal where you’ve to pay for only three and you can get access to a number of them. The list of available discographies include – Black Sabbath Discography, Bon Jovi Discography (my favorite), Bob Marley Discography, Bryan Adams Discography, Eminem Discography, Deep Purple Discography, Creed Discography, Dio Discography, Iron Maiden Discography, Michael Jackson Discography, Metallica Discography, Guns N’ Roses Discography, Scorpions Discography, Usher Discography and Rainbow Discography.

The list is quite enough to impress someone to buy this app. Isn’t it? But even if you’re not satisfied, do consider that they’re still updating the list and getting access to all these almost perfect and complete discographies at the price of just three is simply awesome and unbelievable.

Also, in case you have any problem regarding accessing any of the available discography, you can contact the developers team on their Facebook page and your queries get reverted back very quickly which is an add-on to this wonderful app.
Music Library, I appreciate the name they chose for it definitely defines what the app does.

The app actually provides you with a library consisting of the work of some very famous music artists. Discographies are something which is always longed by die-hard music fans and they would definitely love this app which is quite economical and easy to use. I have fallen in love with this app and I’m eagerly waiting for more discographies to be added to this list.
And yes, I do recommend this one. If you’re a music fan, this is a must. 

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