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Music Ride

13 Dec 2013

Music Ride game review

Racing and pumping to the tunes along a 3D race track, created by the rhythms of the music itself, this is realtime racing if I have ever seen it.

A new free app on the Google Play store is now available, and it is called Music Ride. Music Ride is a good name for this application because at it's core, it is a fast paced racing game where the racing track is created by the different beats in the music.

When you first load the game, from the main menu, you are given the option to start the game, view the leaderboards or set your options.

Music Ride::By Zbigniew Ross Music Ride::By Zbigniew Ross Music Ride::By Zbigniew Ross Music Ride::By Zbigniew Ross

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When you press the OK button, the game will start with you placed in a futurist racing vehicle. The music will start, and the vehicle will move on down the race track. Your objective from the gameplay standpoint is to collect the different colored "Rhythm" crystals that allow you to rack up points.

Gameplay continues during the length of the entire song that is selected for the race. When the song ends, so does the race. The racing controls allow you to press on the screen, either left or right, to control the vehicle.

In order to accumulate racing crystals, you need to tap left or right and steer towards the crystals. When you run over a crystal, more points are added to your score. If you collect six or more crystals of the same color, then you get an additional point bonus that counts toward your overall score count.

When the game is over, your point score is displayed, and you can save your score to the leaderboard on your device, or you can save it online to the ScoreLoop leaderboard service and compare your rankings with other users.

You can also check what songs other users were listening too when they were playing so that you can try to beat their scores while listening to the same music. First I want to explain about the music selection.

This game uses music to create the 3D race tracks. Using a sophisticated algorithm, the game analyses the musical beats in the loaded tracks and then creates the 3D raceway. The music selected can either be one of the standard tracks that are packaged with the game or loaded from your music library.

The music tracks that come with the game are made by an artist called Lukhash. Once you select a track to be used for the creation of the racetrack (and for sound playback when racing), you press the OK button to start the race.

The options in the game allow you to turn on/off the sound, enable or disable phone vibrations, turn on/off the accelerometer used to control the race vehicle and make some settings changes that allow you to control the music sensitivity settings.

Music sensitivity settings are used to determine how much the music will alter the height of hills created in the race track, and how sensitive the application measures the beats of the music. This game is fun, because you can jam to your own tunes and because the gameplay is addictive when you try to be the top racer on the leaderboards.

Using the accelerometer makes the game easy to control. This is an especially good time killer while you are on the bus, train etc. This app is free on the Google Play store and I recommend you download it.

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