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Mystery Castle HD

01 Dec 2013

Mystery Castle HD game review

Mystery Castle is an award winning game common for mobile phones, which hit the market around 8 years ago in 2005. This series consists of Monty the wizard who goes on a number of adventures and quests.

It is basically designed as a puzzle in the alternate dimension filled with traps, magical creatures, spells and other hurdles which the main character of the game has to overcome.

Recently the developers of the game have introduced the game to Android users. The very first episode is out and I had a good time playing this particular game.

Mystery Castle HD::By Runestone Games Limited Mystery Castle HD::By Runestone Games Limited Mystery Castle HD::By Runestone Games Limited Mystery Castle HD::By Runestone Games Limited Mystery Castle HD::By Runestone Games Limited

Mystery Castle HD screenshots

The first episode of Mystery castle was released and I eagerly opened it to be brought into a completely new world. I was taken through an underground castle, which had some scary traps and fiery golems. Meanwhile, I had to make sure Monty did not drop down into a bottomless pit as I manoeuvred the underground pathway. I also had to be careful of the boiling lava that was sure to have made me lose some valuable points and life.

Typically the game is focused on meeting various hindrances inside the underground castle and then ultimately trying to gain control of the castle. This can be done by defeating the master of the castle. Nothing much is known about this mysterious monster Baron who Monty must destroy at the end of the puzzle. There are a number of brainteasers and puzzling adventures, which can keep one entertained. Monty also contains certain powers and you can make him push bombs onto the obstacles, which block your path.

So what made me addicted to the game and kept playing it day after day? It had an attractive color scheme that was eye-catching. I was able to easily manipulate Monty with easy-to-use touch controls and the effects like lava and bombs serve to increase player’s excitement.

It highly amused me that the bonus rounds, which I played in this game, were actually a preview of the future releases. The gaming corporation is set to release the consecutive episodes of the mysterious castle soon in the coming months. These sneak peeks about the future episodes can intrigue a player and also keep one on the lookout for the new versions. The First episode is majorly featured on underground adventures and handling fire based traps. The castle will also give Monty the wizard new abilities and power to combat the bad guys.

If you are on the lookout for an adventure game with exciting new twists and turns then you should check out Mystery castle. It is easy to play and can also break the monotony of gaming with a few surprises around the corner. The plus point about these games is that you will have a number of the series games coming out in the future and you can surely say the fun has just begun. Moreover, an added plus that it is being made available to all android users!

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