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New York Slot Machine HD

15 Apr 2014

New York Slot Machine HD game review

New York Slot Machine is a fun and addictive video slot game for your Android device.

This game takes you away from your current environment and transports you into a glamorous world where large prizes are waiting to be won. At its core, New York Slot is a simple game, but it is very polished and fun to look at, listen to, and play.

The screen shows a sexy woman in front of a beautiful New York skyline as she looks at you seductively, wearing a beautiful, sparkly black dress.

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New York Slot Machine HD screenshots

She holds a handful of cards, and below her is the main game screen, which has five “reels” and three rows across for a total of nine paylines. If you're not familiar with video slot games, a payline is a combination of spots where if the right symbols line up, you'll win a prize.

Paylines can go diagonally from one corner to the other, straight across, or other ways, too. The game has a lot of customization and allows you to bet in many different amounts, such as from 1 to 10 credits, as well as 15 credits, 20 credits, or 25 credits.

Furthermore, you can bet on 1, 3, 5, 7, or all 9 lines. Obviously, if you do not bet on a particular line and there's a winner on it, you don't collect, so it makes sense to play every line on every spin.

The game's screen is very easy to use, as there are large buttons for spinning, playing the double bonus game, changing your bet, or changing the paylines you are playing. The game gains added personality from a playing card mascot (the Ace of Spades) who hangs out at the bottom of the screen and reacts enthusiastically to your successes and losses.

Realistic sound effects and music make you feel like you're in a real casino, too, especially when you get a nice win. The game is very deep for a video slot game. The double bonus game triggers after any win, and allows you to earn even more money off of your winnings.

Just hit “Double”, and you see the screen change, with a number revealed and four sexy redheaded ladies concealing four other numbers. You pick one of the four concealed numbers, and if it's higher than the original number, you double your winnings!

If not, you lose it all, but you can hit “Start” at any time and not risk it, if you want. The other bonus game is launched by chance and occurs randomly as you play. When it triggers, you go a screen surrounded by a large rectangle of blinged-out objects such as gold shoes, gold watches, and so on.

A box goes around the perimeter and stops on prizes, earning you more credits. If it stops on “Exit”, you go back to the game with your extra winnings added to your credit total. New York Slot is a full-featured slot game that makes killing a little time on your Android device very fun.

You can even share scores with the world, compare high scores with your friends, and see who the best players in the world are. This game can provide lots of enjoyment for those who like video slot machines.

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