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Nun Attack Origins: Yuki

23 May 2014

Nun Attack Origins Yuki game review

Firma Studio storms to world once again with the Nun Attack Origins games. These wonderful games feature interesting storylines involving nuns and their fight against the world of evil.

The game is broken down into episodes each of which has amazing features. It basically involves four characters which are Eva, the sister of Guidance; Rosy, the sister of Deliverance; Olga, the sister of Protection and Mandy, the sister of Holiness.

A proper understanding of these characters is needed to understand the series of game and to easily play it. Eva, the sister of Guidance is specially gifted with Decoy with which she fights the enemy.

Nun Attack Origins Yuki::By Frima Studio Inc Nun Attack Origins Yuki::By Frima Studio Inc Nun Attack Origins Yuki::By Frima Studio Inc Nun Attack Origins Yuki::By Frima Studio Inc Nun Attack Origins Yuki::By Frima Studio Inc

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She has two pistols which are both used in fight. The special ability of Rosy the sister of Deliverance is invisibility. This special ability allows her to fight the enemy while being invisible. She also has a sniper with which she snipes the enemy. Olga, the sister of Protection uses the taunt, her special ability, in keeping the enemy away. When you talk about healing, you talk about the sister of Holiness, Mandy. She can heal those in her group when they are nearby.

Your goal in the game is to help fight the enemy. However, the enemy to fight against is dependent on the series or episode in view. In the first game, Original Nun Attack game, your goal is to defeat the evil sister Mortana. To do this, you do not only have to fight her but also you have to fight werewolves, evil skeletons, vampires and so forth. The second game, entitled Nun Attack: Run & Gun, involves fight against a slew of creatures. These evil creatures can only be outmatched by running. You have to run for dear lives in this game.

The third game has a slew of features to reckon with. This series of the game involves a new sister known as Yuki, the sister of silence. This sister does not carry a gun like other nuns but she does have a weapon, a very powerful and potent weapon that can be leveraged to defeat the enemy. This sister together with the other four sisters involved in the prequel of the game fight to defeat the evil of the day. Just like in the other games, your goal in this game just like in the other games is to help the sisters to defeat the evil creatures.

The third game would not be possible without the second. Of course, the game is a series as the first and second precedes the third. You can enjoy the amazing features presented by this game in your Android devices. The game can be easily downloaded to your Android device over the internet.

You can download the game for only $1.99 and enjoy its gameplay. More so, the Nun Attack game is making its way to iPhone and iPad. The game is highly rated as one of the best games out there as it is bustling with a lot of combat action that can keep you fixed to your Android device for a long time.

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