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Order & Chaos Online

14 Apr 2014

Order and Chaos Online game review

Order and Chaos Online is a third person MMO action RPG, automatically people are going to compare it to World of Warcraft and it is very similar, there is a basic fantasy type world and yes, there are other similarities as well.

It is kind of an auto combat mixture of turn-based and action, so your character will automatically start attacking someone who is attacking your character, but at the same time, you provide action based inputs.

This game was developed and designed for the iPhone and iPad. It is really challenging to review an MMO game, so I'll do my best to introduce you to the game, show you some gameplay footage and let you know what some of the basics are, and then you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to tackle this game. Well, Gameloft is up to the challenge.

First, some details about the game. There is not much story, you simply seem to be questing, and there are multiple story lines you can follow. The clear lines are between figthing for order or fighting for chaos.

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You choose from four races to design your character and you can design four characters on one account. The first three are included and fourth one you pay for. Now, the races are human and elf fighting for order and orcs and undead fighting for chaos. There are four classes to choose from: warrior, mage, monk or ranger. Each has specific abilities and skills.

Now, there are four channels or servers to play and logon to and there is world based for America, Europe and Asia continents. Basic stats of this game is that there are over 500 quests, 1000 different skills you can learn, and over 2000 articles of equipment to find, which is pretty impressive for a portable title. 

The graphics are great, it is universal app for iPad and iPhone, but the graphics auto scale. I am playing game on my iPad doesn't look streched like some games do. 

To control your player, you have an analog stick that appears on left side of the screen and on the bottom right you have a jump button and three attack slots. The controls are very responsive, I had not issues with the controls in this game. You slide your right thumb on right center of the screen to turn the character and camera direction which is standard for most Gameloft games.

The game is very interactive, when you kill a character, you can tap on them and search them for more items as well. Since this is an online game, you have live players and computer players. You have to be playing online on the server. The cool thing about this game is right from the start, they guide you  into getting started with quests and into the game, game tutorial is very good and it doesn't get very long to get started. You can also join a fight battle consistently with friends. You can also do a short term team for a quest or just battle solo.

In addition to the team based play, you can also do player vs player and all of the live human interactions seem very seamless. At the bottom of the screen, you can pull off the keyboard and type the message to anyone in the world or if you want to interact directly with another human player, you simply tap on them and touch based menu comes up with icons that are self explanatory. When you die in the game, you can pay to be respawn where you stand with game currency, or if you do not have any game currency, you can buy some currency with in app purchases. If you don't want to do that, you just start at the neutral location on the map.

The menu system is great and it's easy to understand and it organizes your character well with skills, magic, equipment and so on. Overall, this seems like an MMO RPG I can get into but for you hardcode MMO players I encourage you to check other reviews as well and decide if this is the game for you.

I am just impressed how Gameloft has squizzed all of that into this portable package by pushing iOS devices to their limits. This is a pay to play game like most MMO RPG's but it's very affordable, especially for the package that you get. You pay for the initial app $6.99. Once you do that, you get three free months of playing time and it is only $0.99 a month after that. If you have been waiting for an MMO on your iPhone or iPad, check this one out today.

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