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Pacdroid Apples eater

16 Feb 2014

Pacdroid-Apples-eater game review

Have you ever played Pacman? If you’re a 90’s born kid, you would have surely played that game and I am sure you would have loved. It was such an addicting game. Wasn’t it?

How about I tell you that there’s a better version of that very famous classic arcade game and it is specially made for your Android device?

I know this question is enough to convince you to stop reading this and start downloading Pacdroid Apples eater  but still, I would like to share more about this game and also about my experience with this game.

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First of all, what the game is about? Well, the people who have never played or heard about Pacman (though it’s really impossible), that was a very famous arcade game where you had to eat up the circular things that came in front of you as soon as possible without getting lost. The challenge is to eat all of this stuff in one go.

The Pacdroid Apples eater uses the same concept, but in this case, you would need to eat up all the apples which would be laid in front of you. The challenge is to eat all the apples, but the thing to worry is that apples are hungry too. So if you won’t eat them within the time limit, they would eat you for sure. Be careful!

Pacdroid Apples eater is an advanced and android version of this super amazing and extra addicting game. This game is compatible with all kinds of Android devices.
Once you start playing this game, I bet you’re never going to stop. Trust me; this game is never going to be enough for you. If you don’t trust me, try it yourself.

After playing just once, you would feel the strong urge to play it again and this urge gets stronger and stronger. It happened with me too. I have played Pacman and I thought I was bored with this arcade game a long time before but I was totally wrong.

I downloaded Pacdroid Apples eater out of curiosity as I wanted to see what changes and advancements one can make in such a popular and world famous game. And I must say that the developers have done a really appreciable job. While retaining the original concept of the game, they have added a modern element to the game which seems to be more fun to play.

Maybe I was bored with Pacman but I am sure I would never get bored of Pacdroid Apples eater. I am saying this through my experience till now. There are many other games on my android device and I keep on scrolling for more in the google play store, but at last, I end up playing Pacdroid Apples eater. Isn’t it unbelievable?

Even I found it difficult to believe in myself since I have never been a type of person who would play the same game for such a long time but I have certainly been changed. Who changed me? This superb game which is a must in everyone’s android device. Go get it now! 

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