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PES 2013

05 Dec 2013

PES 2012 game review

Pro Evolution Soccer is a soccer game, and has some brilliant graphics. The players have been really well designed and rendered, and it’s good to see decent sprites – rather than glorifies stick men – running around a pitch.

The game modes in PES 2013 speak for themselves - you punt your virtual ball through a rich variety of leagues and championships, satisfying your love of football as you go. This game plays as well as its predecessor, with fluid action across large pitches.

Shooting, headers and through balls feel as natural as ever, and the game developer has made sprinting easier and more effective. You’re now controlling a decent player and so you can change direction and stop with much more control than before.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012::by Konami Digital Entertainment Pro Evolution Soccer 2012::by Konami Digital Entertainment Pro Evolution Soccer 2012::by Konami Digital Entertainment Pro Evolution Soccer 2012::by Konami Digital Entertainment

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 screenshots













This is by far the best thing the developer has added to the game. Elsewhere, moving the ball around the pitch is as satisfying as ever, and at the higher levels goals are just as tricky to score.
The players’ AI seems to be the same, with players running off the ball in an intelligent manner, as well as defending well. The graphics- even the menus - have been revamped, too, and are much sharper looking. There is however, still no commentary.

Mode-wise, you have exhibition, league, cup and the two European leagues to play in, the same as in the previous game. A quick match sees you in a random match in under a minute, and you will also have new challenge and super challenge modes. Both of these modes are community-based, so you can challenge your friends – from Facebook or any other contacts list – to play a set of gameplay challenges and compete with you on the results.

Thankfully, the replay feature remains, and the training mode has been tweaked and bettered. Unfortunately I can’t find anything new in the way you organise and manage your teams. I’ve always found it irritating that you can’t set each player’s behaviour or change the game’s set formations. I can put a player in the middle of the pitch, but I can make him into an attacking or defending midfielder. Grrr!

Pro Evo 2012 starts off as a free download so you can check it out and see if you’d like to invest a bit more time and money. You can play in super challenges against your friends’ teams, but if you’re playing against the computer, you only get to play until half time. This might seem weird, but don’t forget you’re getting a demo. If you do make the leap to buying the full version, you’ll see it’s a universal app, something we’d like EA to think about.
Newer players, especially PES fans from other platforms, will find that this is one of the smoothest playing footie games going. I think it’s got the best football gameplay on Android. 

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