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Pinball Arcade

16 Mar 2014

Pinball Arcade game review

Just like the name implies, Pinball Arcade presents classic arcade machines, from different eras, with the goal of controlling each one to get the maximum score. Every table also includes “Goals” (read achievements) that can be solved, which result in more complicated objectives.

There are hardly any people out there who do not enjoy pinball. The entry price consists of one machine (Tales of the Arabian Nights), with 3 more accessible to purchase within the game via IAP.

Tables vary from simple layouts (Black Hole) to more complicated epics (Ripley’s Believe it or not). This is a pinball platform game which resembles the Zen Pinball THD. Meaning that in time more tables will be released, which you can buy through in-game purchases. 

Pinball Arcade::by FarSight Studios Pinball Arcade::by FarSight Studios Pinball Arcade::by FarSight Studios Pinball Arcade::by FarSight Studios Pinball Arcade::by FarSight Studios

Pinball Arcade screenshots

In all there are four tables to choose from; ‘Tales of the Arabian Nights’ from Williams; ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not’ from Stern, ‘Theatre of Magic’ from Bally, and ‘Black Hole’ from Gottlieb, all of these  can be tried before purchased, a useful research before you actually make the decision of buying it.

This game is different from other pinball games on the market at the moment; these tables are completely accurate recreations of popular machines from the 80’s and 90’s. If you had any experience with pinball games before the time they changed, you should feel at home when playing it.

Pinball Arcade is worth its price, you don’t just buy the package and a worthless content. It is impressive, how much work it is put in recreating a machine, it gives you the feeling that you have it right in front of you.

This game simply hits the mark on the feeling of actually playing a pinball machine; the entire gameplay experience just feels real. As a straightforward pinball game, Pinball Arcade is super fun!

The visuals sound and effects are all genuine and really well done; there are some minor difficulties when playing on iPad 2. 

Since every table has its own personality and can take a while to become experienced, there are many reasons on returns to play each time. This game is ideal for experienced players and for players who are looking for a game to kill some time, as well.

Control is just as one might expect, it is pretty simple: just tap one side of the screen to trigger the flipper on that side, and there is a nudge function, which can be activated by shaking the iOS device.

Playing the Pinball arcade you are getting the most authentic pinball experience of a lifetime. This is the ultimate pinball machine collection, all the tables play great and are as accurate as it can get when talking about a digital version. With this game everything feels real, the colors are magnificent, the flippers are responsive and the game play is simply addictive.

Pinball Arcade is simply one of the coolest games out there, it is definitely a must have.

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