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01 Jul 2013

Protologic game review

Protologic is a fun and absorbing game that applies logic in organizing a set of marbles.

Specially created for Android tablets, this game – which is also called Stack the Marbles – is simple yet very attention-grabbing. The major goal of the game is to re-arrange the set of balls in the main pyramid in order to stack balls of the same color in a single row.

You can do this by moving the colored balls between the main pyramid and the surrounding supplemental pyramids. Your sense of logic will surely be tested in this fast and addictive marble game.

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Protologic is quite challenging as there is a limited time each time you play. You need to arrange marbles of the same colors in the same row and complete the pyramid to win the game. There are various colored marbles on the game board.

The slots are placed inside pyramids with the main pyramid located at the center. At the beginning of the game, the main pyramid contains randomly selected marbles. You have to move the marbles from one pyramid to another until the main pyramid is filled with horizontally matching colors.

This basically means that each row should have marbles of the same color. Marbles that lie on top of other balls and don’t have any balls on top of them are the only movable items. You can transfer them to free slots in the same pyramid or any of the supplemental ones where they can be positioned on top of other balls.

To set up your own game board, the game offers options to pick your desired size of the main pyramid as well as the size and number of the supplemental pyramids. The demo version comes with more than 90 levels and more than 30 configurations.

When you upgrade to the full version, you can have access to more than 180 challenging levels, with three difficulty modes each, and of course the paid version is free of ads. You can choose to play the game on easy, medium or hard mode, and go through a series of levels with specific timers or count limitations.

For instance, if the time limit is one minute and the move limit is 18, then you shouldn’t exceed beyond or else you’ll lose the game. The game is extremely engaging and addictive as you strive to arrange the marbles before the time and count limit runs out.

As you race against time, the excitement certainly builds up, making Protologic very challenging. The wooden-themed interface is simple and effective. The game’s interface is specially created to fit the size and orientation of Android tablets.

It’s also easy to navigate the menu and options which comprise the new game button, resume, about the game information, short tutorial, sound effects and the top 10 leader board. Protologic is a an awesome game for Android tablets.

With its easy yet challenging gameplay, it’s definitely a recommendable game for all types of players. And if you love toying with marbles in a game sprinkled with logical application, you’ll find Protologic fun and refreshing.

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