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Putter King Adventure Golf

11 Feb 2014

Putter King Adventure Golf game review

The developer of this miniature golf app says that the graphics are high definition, and they’re not exaggerating. Putter King claims to test the player’s imagination and creativity while putting their golf skills through their paces in some exotic golf courses all over the world.

Each hole will present you with a variety of obstacles that will stretch your reasoning and technique to their limits. The game has 24 wacky golf holes across three courses, and all the holes are in 3D.

To help you, you can use a camera function to get a bird’s eye view of the hole, which will help you to plan your next move.

The game’s controls work well; a big slider along the bottom of the screen allows you to choose which one of the three starting points you want to tee off from. To aim your putt, move your finger around the screen and observe the lines of white dots that show where your shot will land. When you’re ready, you hit the ball by dragging a vertical slider down, then pushing it back up at the necessary speed. You must remember, though, that what really counts is how fast you follow the shot through rather than how far back you swing.

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The game has four modes of play, championship, timed, multi-player and practice, and these modes are played out on the 24 courses by four different characters, which adds a lot of variety to the game. The 3D environment of the game has a nice retro feel, and feature a lot of mini-golf classic fixtures like windmills, pyramids and tunnels, as well as a few innovations. You can explore this environment as one of four different make or female characters, and you get to use realistic ball physics as well as OpenFeint integration.

Mini-golf courses usually have a nine-shot limit so that huge queues don’t form, but in this virtual world you can take more than 40 shots. You can also hit the ball off the green into the out of bounds area, which can be fun. Once you’ve hit a hole, your result – a Bogey or whatever – is clearly displayed as well as your overall scorecard.

The multiplayer function in this game is a nice touch as you can play with your friends – after all, golf is a social game. You also get to travel. You can visit any of the three different courses – Adventures in Japan, Trip Around the World and Putty’s Playground.

The physics of the game is well thought out, and gives you the same sense of frustration that you’d feel in a real game as your ball narrowly misses the hole and trundles back down Mt Fuji for the hundredth time. Your main challenge is to get the speed of your swing right – sometimes you need a gentle touch.

A family of four can have a lot of fun with this app. A mini-golf tournament can decide who gets to cook dinner or clean out the hamster cage. In general, this game is very satisfying, even for the pickier among us. It is certainly very challenging and worth the money.

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