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Radiant Defense

30 Sep 2013

Radiant Defense game review

Hexage have created here a wonderful bright vibrant Tower defence game which is a follow up to the original and well liked Radiant game. Radiant is an arcade firing game which influenced by some of the classics such as Space Invader.

The role of the player in this space game is to defend the glimmering spiral which is in the middle of a galaxy from the potential threat of the vibrantly coloured alien life form.

As the player you must defend by creating a line of firearms along the façade of the space station. In order to build this line of defence you will have to use a lot of your money and this is a very expensive job.

Radiant Defense::by Hexage Radiant Defense::by Hexage Radiant Defense::by Hexage Radiant Defense::by Hexage Radiant Defense::by Hexage

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More money however may be accumulated by destroying the opposition. Each time a member of the opposition is destroyed the player will earn more money which can be spent at the end of the level.

In order to create a bigger and stronger line of defence by way of larger firearms the player must do some investigation but this is an expensive task financially and takes up a lot of time. It is worthwhile doing this however though as the opposition soon increases in number and the player will need a bigger and stronger line of defence to fight them off. If money runs short then the player can improve their units and this will add some extra strength.

One of the best qualities of this game is how beautiful it is. From the beginning of the game right the way through until the last stage, the game has a distinctive appearance made up of vibrant bright colours. Whilst the illustrations themselves are nothing too technical or spectacular this is irrelevant as the delightful design does more than enough too compliment this game.

The game is by all means certainly challenging in comparison to other games and the players strengths are scrutinized right from the start and the challenges presented are pretty merciless. It could be questioned that the game at times is too difficult but as a counter balance the player receives a greater sense of achievement when they are successful.

The game does have one saving grace and this comes in the form of the ability to save progress every now and again after every alien attack. Whilst this may seem quite a handy tool to have, what it does is throws the player straight back into action where they left off and also this means the player can not go backwards in the game and correct any previously made errors. Which each upside, there is a downside!

The player will soon discover how challenging this game becomes and will beg for assistance at times. At some points over 300 aliens may descend with only the player and 9 firearms to stop them all. There is the option to select one out of three powerful firearms to help you but the player must be strategic when making their choice of which weapon to use.

In addition to constantly improving their firearms, the player has to be careful not to be too slow or waste too much time as the game will discipline the player. The player can however to their advantage, alter the route in which the aliens take and set up different lines of defence to try and attack them. Once the opposition really descends however it is all on the players head as the route they take was ultimately down to the player’s decision so they must make sure it works.

In addition to the fantastic illustrations already mentioned, this game has brilliant background music. Whilst there are many in-apps to be bought within this free game, if I was to recommend one, then it would be the music.

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