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Riddle me that

17 Oct 2013

Riddle me that game review

You must have played riddle games once upon a time in your life. And you have been intrigued on how the game takes your imaginative power to guess the answers to some of the riddles you were not able to provide.

These days, it may seem that this game has gone to extinction. Far from it, if you have an iPhone, this game is back for you to enjoy. Have you heard of Riddle Me That? This is the game that would get you playing for hour’s non-stop because it is simple and yet complex to test your ability to break riddles.

If you love guessing riddles, you just got yourself an excellent game that would give you what you desire in a riddle game.

Riddle me that::By fes-games Riddle me that::By fes-games Riddle me that::By fes-games Riddle me that::By fes-games

Riddle me that screenshots

Can you guess the riddle? "What gets wet when drying?" "What comes up but never goes down?"

There are so many of these riddles waiting for you to solve on your mobile gadget. It is so fun and simple for you play. There is no age limitation to this game because the developer has been able to get this game to suit every age. Are you travelling or wants time out, you can get your kids engaged with this game that seems not to stop popping out riddles as soon as a correct answer is given.

How do you get this game? Go to the play store of Google and get Riddle Me That downloaded and installed. This is where you begin from and the rest is history.

Even if you are unable to get the answer to a riddle, there is support from the hint section of the game. This means you have the opportunity of making an attempt to even the hardest riddle in the world with this game.

This is one of the best word game for riddles and it is just free for you to install. There are up to 12 to 14 mixed letters for every player and when you play, the number of letters for the answer for the game is shown.

If you would move to the next level, you must unlock the level you are. And how to unlock this is to answer the riddles that are presented to you. This is what you would be expected of you if you should move to the next stage. The game is designed with friendly features you would love to make use of and the sound is exciting and great.

For those who are making use of Riddle Me That the first time, it is not going to be difficult for them to play around with. The hint is something that would help anyone play with because that is what is exceptional with the game.

The developer understands that it is not every riddle that every player would be able to play which is the reason why the use of the hints is used. And for kids, they got no problem playing around with the numerous riddles that they would never forget in their lives.

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