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Robot Doctor

20 Feb 2014

Robot Doctor game review

Robot Doctor is a game any puzzle lover like me would love.

You are supposed to step in the shoes of the doctor and try to help the several numbers of robots who have gone ill and need your sincere help. But how are you going to do that? You are required to control the nano bot so as to help your patients. There are 60 different and very challenging levels in the game which adds up to the fun.

Each of the patients that come to you asking for help tries to pit you against some unique glitches which you need to conquer. If you still crave for more difficulty in the game, go off the beaten path.

Robot Doctor::By 5 Hit Combo Entertainment, LLC Robot Doctor::By 5 Hit Combo Entertainment, LLC Robot Doctor::By 5 Hit Combo Entertainment, LLC

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It’s not only extra difficult, but also fetch you some extra points. Isn’t that good? The game has very easy controls and the hand drawn graphics certainly catch people’s attention. I think they’re the reason why the gaming experience seems to be so unique and fun.

It’s probably because of the graphics. This lovely game is available for both iPhone and iPad and needs you to login to the Game Center in order to play, but that is certainly not an issue when you get to play a game like Robot Doctor.

Yes, you need to prove yourself to be the best in the awesome world of Leaderboards. Can you do it? With the graphics as simple as this game, I was for once caught by a thinking that the game is going to be a very simple one, but as I was already recommended by a lot of friends for this game, I did download it anyway and it turned out to be exactly different from my thoughts.

It’s difficult. Seriously! The challenges are very nice and you really require a good gaming skill in order to reach the higher levels. Even if you don’t have any, you would soon learn them while playing Robot Doctor.

But one thing which noticed about the game which wasn’t told to me in the description is that you can lose your hard earned points too. In case, you touch an area which you’re supposed not to touch, you would get negative points.

But which areas are you supposed to touch and which not? That you will come to know once you start playing this game. The game sounds to be a bit difficult to understand if we go by the description, but it’s certainly not the case.

I have played this game myself and if I can understand the concept so easily, anyone can. You will get comfortable with controls in just a few minutes and after that, it’s a journey of fun and more fun.

That’s all. I don’t think I need to mention that I loved the Robot Doctor and would recommend it everyone. This game is going to be an obvious favorite of puzzle lovers for sure. I think people who like other genre of gaming would like this game too.

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