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14 Mar 2014

Roboto game review

In Roboto you will become one with a hover boarding robot, who is desperately chasing his robot-crush across the expansive galaxy, all in a last ditch effort to win her affection. This game’s strengths are definitely its visuals and the gameplay style that they have implemented here.

One could describe it as a cross between the traditional platformer style, and an endless game of running. In the game there are two main ways to disable and destroy any enemy that find themselves in your path, the first, in traditional platformer style, is to simply bop them in the end.

The second method to get passed them is to use the laser gun that Roboto has in his possession. The problem with the laser gun is that it uses energy, and once that runs out the laser is useless until you acquire more.

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In between boss fights and changing levels, there are also some other fun little challenges that present themselves. The main one being walls of light that will reverse the gravity in the game. This will force you to apply everything you’ve learnt about the games mechanics, while going through the level upside down. This can prove to be quite interesting when trying to get through the level at top speed. The boss battles in the game are pretty challenging, and with the inclusion of upgradeable weapons it can be made quite interesting. Roboto is Game Center and Openfeit enabled, so you can post your top scores on their leaderboards, and try and beat your friend’s scores. 

There is quite a bit of action in this game, but one thing that catches the eye other than the action, is the stunning visuals this game has to offer. It’s almost a shame that you’re moving so quickly, because at times it’s impossible to take it all in. The gameplay itself takes place on the 2 dimensional plane, but the game has been rendered in 3D quite amazingly, helping to give the game an amazing sense of depth. 

Roboto is a fun game, that old school gamers will find strikingly familiar, and yet extremely fresh at the same time. One of the games selling points has to be its controls. Wither you’re playing on the IPad or the IPhone, your fingers will find the slider and the jump and fire buttons with great ease, and they are comfortably placed. One of the things we found a bit off was having to go through more scrolling and jumping to get to the right level’s door once you had completed the level, a mini-game would have been perfect for these portions of the game. All in all the game is tons of fun, it’s easy to adapt to and the graphics are killer, it is definitely one of the top games out there right now, and it was great to see a developer put so much effort into the graphics portion of a mobile game for once. With the sheer quantity of levels to be played, and the fact that this game is leaderboard enabled, we think this one will be played for a long time.

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