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Role in the Hole

13 Apr 2014

Role in the Hole game review

Role in the Hole is a very simplistic game, yet it proves to be a ton of fun, and a game that you will continuously go back to when you’re looking for something to do.

The goal of the game is to help the cute panda PoPo in his quest to find the popsicles that were taken from him and dispersed over a number of magical worlds by the evil gorilla called Uggi.

As you go through the levels your goal is collect these popsicles, and chase down your arch nemesis. This is further made difficult by the fact that PoPo doesn’t walk around like one would expect him to on his limbs, but he rolls through the levels searching for his long lost popsicles.

Role in the Hole::by Eccentricity Games Role in the Hole::by Eccentricity Games Role in the Hole::by Eccentricity Games Role in the Hole::by Eccentricity Games Role in the Hole::by Eccentricity Games

Role in the Hole screenshots

As you go through the levels you need guide PoPo by taping on the screen. In most games there’s no change in response if you tap it lightly or with too much force, in this game things are a bit different. To add some level of difficulty to the game, if you tap the screen with too little force, his velocity slows and he doesn’t move as quickly as he could, making it difficult to overcome obstacles as they arise, and if you tap it with too much force PoPo falls away. As you progress through the levels, the goal is to get to the next warp zone. The warp zone is the connection between the level you are in and the next one, and you have to access it to get further in the game. Something that sets this game apart from many other games on this platform is the number of available levels. Most games have maybe ten or fifteen levels, whereas this game has upwards of seventy playable levels. This means that this game can keep you occupied for a very long time. 

Another nice element to the game is its visuals; they are quite colorful and designed well, making it pretty pleasing to the eye.  With each level they introduce slightly new graphics to give the user the impression that there is more than just a difficulty change when they get to the next level. The sound effects and music suit the game well too, presenting a more joyful tone. 

As with every game however, Role in the Hole has some downfalls. The first being its innovativeness as you progress through the levels. Sure they introduce new elements of game play, such as balloons and spikes, but these new additions aren’t really enough to keep it interesting, especially with 70 levels to play through. It also seems to be following the same cookie cutter theme that has presented itself in the app store lately. You take a simple physics puzzle game, design a bunch of levels, and add some cute fuzzy creatures and bam! A new hit is born. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it also curbs the innovation that could be possible. All in all the game is tons of fun to play, even for extended periods of time, and with more than 70 levels to go through, you’ll keep coming back to play. 


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